This exhibit is for artists who have already been accepted to the 2022 Holiday Festival of the Arts. If you are unsure of your accepted status, please contact Xandra at the information below. 

Holiday Festival Gallery Showcase:

For the month of December, Allied Arts would like to feature our FABULOUS Holiday Festival talent at our downtown Gallery and give you all a chance to exhibit some of your high-end showpieces that you may not normally show at the festival.

Signing up ahead of time ensures you have a spot in the show!

Where: Allied Arts of Whatcom County Gallery, 1418 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham, WA
Contact: Xandra – Gallery Assistant (360) 676-8548, ext. 102 or

Artwork Drop-off Date: by Tuesday, November 20 and Wednesday December 1, 11 am-4pm
Exhibit Dates: Friday, December 2 thru Saturday, December 17. 2022

Artwork Pick-Up: Tuesday, December 19 and Wednesday, December 20.

How to participate:

  • Space is limited and we would like to have a diverse selection of items available at the festival. Please sign up if you are interested in providing up to 3 items for display by October 1st. Please use the Allied Arts price tags provided to you for the festival to mark your items and bring any display items you may need to use.
  • The Allied Arts shall be responsible for the safekeeping of artwork while in its custody only. The Gallery shall be strictly liable to the Artist for their loss or damage (except for damage resulting from flaws inherent in the Artworks), for the wholesale price of the item.
  • Allied Arts of Whatcom County shall deduct 40% commission on all sales and pay the artist no later than the 15th of the month following the end of the exhibit.
  • Label work with your name and the title of the piece
  • Take your packing supplies with you, we do not have adequate storage for packing supplies and it will be thrown away if left. We have bubble wrap and bags for wrapping purchased works.

When your form is turned in, you will be contacted by Xandra or her assistant about what exactly we can accommodate and a reminder of the dates above. If you have further questions, please contact Xandra, or 360-676-8548 ext 102.