Currently Showing In the Allied Arts Gallery

Christopher Morrison

Marjie Miller

 2018 Gallery Series: Color!

October 5-27, 2018
Opening Reception: Oct. 5, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Allied Arts of Whatcom County’s 2018 Gallery Series is excited to introduce an exhibit celebrating the many mechanisms of color in its influence on meaning, texture, and aesthetic. Color! represents an artists’ ability to draw the eye with vibrancy and movement, featuring artists such as Christopher Morrison, Damian DiNitto, Marjie Miller, and Victor Flores.

The Allied Arts Gallery is dedicated to providing a professional space for local artists of every background and experience level to present and sell their work, supporting the arts and artists of Bellingham’s community. For more information visit www.alliedarts.org or contact: Katy Tolles, Artist Services Coordinator at 676-8548 x2 or katy@alliedarts.org.