The Allied Arts Gallery is currently closed to the public due to the COVID 19 outbreak, we plan to reopen when local and federal health authorities deem it safe to do so. Until then, please enjoy images of works from all our shows here or see more on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Currently Showing

RARE: Recycled Arts Resource Expo
Our Gallery unfortunately is closed due to the Corvid-19 outbreak. We plan to participate in a virtual art walk and will post a large gallery of images here on our website and via our Facebook and Instagram pages on April 3rd.

We’ve created a virtual gallery below with work, information and videos from all the artists that would have participated in RARE. We hope you enjoy!

We will not be holding any workshops or presentations during April 3 & 4 as previously planned, but instead we ask that you keep an eye on our social media pages and the websites and social media pages of other creative reuse organizations in our area, they are constantly posting great content about how to turn trash into treasure! We’ve provided a few links below


The RE Store

Social Fabric

Vintage mini violin strung with Electroluminescent wire light strands (E.L. wire)

See Violux in action

3 Kings
Reclaimed freezer door with added hooks for corona virus masks or hats.
36″ x24″

See 3 kings in action here

The first layer is a mark-making/scribbling done in the style of Cy Twombly, abstract expressionist, 1928-2011). Many of the scribbles are with broken Crayolas from the AAWC thrift store. Rae Ellen Lee’s art is inspired by the patterns and colors of Diebenkorn, and the whimsy of Andy Warhol. With a history of rescuing things–-an old mining camp brothel, dogs and cats, broken furniture, even a goat or two–-she often experiments with recycled bits of material, messages and symbols as a first layer of paintings. Her focus is flora, fauna and landforms, always with an eye to the next adjacent possibility.

What lies behind that face? Our perception of the world and others is based on our inner world and on the surfaces we see.

Candace Johnson - Talking to Myself

Talking to Myself
used book, old sewing pattern, beads, acrylic medium
14″ wide x 12″ tall x 5″ deep

Chris produces dimensional mixed media pieces through creative experimentation in materials. Organic textures are combined with urban aesthetics to design abstract paintings inspired by the natural world.

I take discarded items and turn them into something of greater use and artistic value. The hunt and the stories behind the offbeat items provide the inspiration to create my imaginative pieces.

Watch Karen’s creative process

About Clarissa Callesen’s piece Fertile Remnants II created at Surel’s Place in Garden City, ID: This “green box” had already lived many lives before my introduction to it. With some research, we discovered it was a 1940s vintage mobile military office. With my love of all things touched by the ravages of time, when I first saw the “green box” it was already a perfect installation. Its cracked windows, peeling paint, copious duct tape, and invasive ivy were a perfect example of beautiful decay. It was my objective to honor the inherent beauty already in existence. I chose to create in collaboration with the internal environment allowing my installation to organically evolve informed by its history and evidence of time.

My work incorporates wood, stone, and shells, primarily found on beaches, but also some pieces rescued from the discard pile at the ReStore.

The ocean, marine-life, and nature are all a part of Rachel’s inspiration for drawing, painting, mixed-media, ceramics, & sculpture. The bioluminescent marine-life drawings & paintings are achieved by using ultra-violet light reactive paints and inks, onto reclaimed wood panels. The mixed-media paintings are made with a variety of materials such as acrylics, mediums, textures, and found objects.

Terry makes beautiful barrettes from repurposed vintage costume jewelry.

Using an old metal picture frame as the base to our project we added the other elements; besprings that have been cut at different heights and wired with telephone wire; soda cans that were cut into fish figures and 6-pack plastic rings were reshaped into springs. We had fun with the plastic water bottles, reshaping them using a soldering iron. Some of our fish were discarded toy fish.

Allied Arts Whatcom Reads Challenge

Our gallery is currently closed to the public due to the Covid-19 outbreak, however, works from this exhibit are still visible through our gallery windows if you’re out for a socially distant stroll downtown.

Allied Arts hosts their annual partnership with the Bellingham and Whatcom Libraries Whatcom READS program, the Whatcom READS Art Challenge. Artists were tasked with reading this year’s book and creating art inspired by it. The featured book this year is “To the Bright Edge of the World” by Eowyn Ivey. Artists are invited to create works influenced by the book. Also featured, will be works by Louise Magno, Seren Fargo, Mimi Oritz, Judy Laub, Gary Theriault and Nick Payne.

***Note*** Some of our artists have fragrance sensitivities, please avoid using scented products prior to attending the opening.

Upcoming Exhibits in 2020

20th Annual Children’s Art Walk

Friday, May 1, 2020 – 6pm to 9pm

We welcome all to stroll through downtown Bellingham and delight in the works of the younger art community! On Friday, May 1, Whatcom County students will proudly display their works of art during the 20th annual Children’s Art Walk presented by Allied Arts of Whatcom County. On this night there will be a number of activities for kids and adults, music, and more to celebrate the arts in schools. Art will stay on display through May in honor of the state wide Arts Education Month.

Dress Poetry at the Allied Arts Gallery

June 5-26, 2020


Opening Reception: Friday, June 5, 2020, 6pm – 9pm

Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm, Saturday 12 – 5pm

Allied Arts of Whatcom County is proud to present the Poetry Dress Project, June 5 – 26. The show will feature work by artist Leslie Wharton.

Dress Poetry and Allied Arts of Whatcom County are joining to inspire poets to make poetry more accessible and visual.  Dresses and poetry hold memory and can express to the world who we are. In celebration of changing norms on wearing dresses, and the 100th anniversary of suffragettes winning the right to vote, pull those pretty, powerful, dresses and poems out of the closet and join us for this exciting show.  Dresses will be on display with their original poem or prose at Allied Arts of Whatcom County, 1418 Cornwall Ave., Downtown Bellingham, June 5 – 27, 2020.

For the PDF: 2020 Gallery Brochure