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Performance and Literary Arts

Andy Koch
Andy KochClowning • Balloon Sculpture •Creative Dramatics • Improv • Pantomime• Puppet Creation & Performance • Sculpture • Storytelling
Andy Koch is a professional performing and teaching artist. Puppetry, clowning, music, and theatre arts are among his passions. He has been performing since childhood and enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with students of all ages. Read more…
Barbara Jean Hicks
Barbara Jean HicksON LEAVE 2022-23. Creative Writing (Poetry and Narrative) • Performance • 2 Dimensional Art (Drawing, Coloring, Collage) • Publishing
Since 2006, award-winning children’s book author Barbara Jean Hicks has presented her highly regarded young author assemblies to more than forty thousand students up and down the West Coast. Barbara has worked as an educator for more than twenty years. Read more…
Deanna Eden
Deanna EdenCreative Dramatics • Improvisation • Movement • Creative Writing/Play-writing • Speech and Voice • 3-D Theater • Teacher Training
Deanna moved to Bellingham after falling in love with the city while touring. Deanna has taught Performance, English literature and writing, Improvisation, Reading, Creative and Critical Writing as well as Teacher Training for 20 years! She is a multi-award winning theater/comedy artist and teacher, known internationally for her work’s unique blend of audience connection, improvisation and physical comedy.  Read more…


Mary Ennes Davis
Mary Ennes DavisON LEAVE 2022-2023 Collage • Copper Repousse • Mixed Media • Murals • Public Art Installation • School-wide Projects • Watercolor • Stamping
Mary creates two- and three-dimensional art out of recycled materials. Her work is designed to honor diversity and to celebrate community. She has also worked with students in kindergarten through 8th grade in Bellingham public and private schools through grant-funded projects. Read more…
Christian Anne Smith
Christian Anne SmithPainting • Paper Mache • Prints • Puppet Creation & Performance
Christian Smith grew up in the coastal town of Cushing, Maine. As a child she was fascinated by the region’s folklore. She was also blessed with a creative family that read to her every night and provided lots of crayons to encourage her art. Read more…
Janet Lehwalder
Janet LehwalderInstillations • Murals • Silk painting
Janet is an experienced classroom teacher in both public and private schools, and has also provided enrichment classes in silk painting and other arts and crafts for students from kindergarten to adult ages. She offers classes where everyone designs and paints their own projects and has also organized large group projects, such as quilts and banners, that have been used for display or fundraising. Read more…
Janet Oakley
Janet Oakley Book and Toy Creations • Crafts • History • Sheep to Cloth • Writing
Janet has loved history since she first read pioneer stories in fourth grade. She strives to bring her passion to elementary children through the arts and crafts of the time periods they study in school. Read more…
Rachel Simpson
Rachel Simpson ON LEAVE 2021-22 Visual Arts (K-12) • Fine Arts • Art History • Drawing • Painting • Ceramics • Sculpture • Mixed-Media • Recycled Art • Book Art • Textiles/Fibers/Fabrics • Photography • Screen-printing • Costumes • Mask-making • Art Installation, & Collaboration<em>
Rachel has always been a part of art, ever since she was a child. The community of Bellingham, the outdoors, travel, diversity, and her family are a big part of her life and inspiration. Read more…
Lori VanEtta
Lori VanEttaON LEAVE 2021-22 Integration of the arts into common core standards and classroom area of study acrylic and watercolor painting  printmaking  collage  mixed-media  pastels  art history  school wide murals or other projects  poetry and other writing project illustrations  drama tableaus.
Lori has a passion for teaching and the arts. She is state certified, K-12, with an endorsement in Visual Arts. She infuses the spark that helps students understand and remember intended learning goals. Read more…
Rachel Potter
Rachel Potter Graphic Design • Visual Arts • Painting • Textiles/Fibers/Fabrics • Art History • Creative Writing
Rachel Potter invites you to join her in a world of magical creatures, which can be in seen in her multi-media paintings and children’s art lessons. Rachel grew up in both the snowy foothills of Salt Lake City, Utah and the tropical beaches of Kailua, Hawaii. Read more…
Doug Banner and Ham Hayes
Doug Banner and Ham HayesON LEAVE 2022-2023 Storytelling using Photographic Arts and Narrative
Doug and Ham share a perspective that skill in creative expression is essential to self-knowledge and personal fulfillment. They are combining their experience in art and education to offer a program to middle and high school students integrating photographic arts…Read more…
Frank Frazee
Frank FrazeeCartooning - Drawing - Painting
Frank taught elementary school for 38 years. For 32 of those years he taught second grade. Additionally he taught cartooning through schools, libraries and youth groups. His comics have appeared in the Yakima Herald, Centralia Daily Chronical, Ocean Shores weekly. His philosophy is “Everyone is an Artist!”.Read more…
Samilla Sanchez
Samilla SanchezPainting - Drawing - Mixed Media - Creative Writing
Semilla considers herself a multitalented artist with a hand in multiple mediums. She is driven to push possibility and believes everything has the potential to be art. She has been creating in some form or another her whole life and experiences art and creativity as tools for how life moves through her (emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually). Read more…
Jeana Esser
Jeana EsserPainting • Drawing • Watercolor • Printmaking • Mixed Media
A graduate of Louisiana state university with a BFA, I have done my best to prove myself as a working artist, a Pre-K/K teacher, and elementary/middle school/high school art teacher. I’m also a mom, a wife, a writer, a dog mom and a new grandma! My husband and I just landed in Bellingham after living in Louisiana. Read more…