***All dates and protocols subject to change pending the most up to date COVID-19 information***

Please fill out the application here by the application due date and either download and print the application or bring it to the gallery.

Applications Due: TBD

Event Date: March 2022

Event location: Art & Craft Exhibition in the Allied Arts Gallery and performances and workshops via social media

The Whatcom Cultural Arts Festival seeks to celebrate the various diverse cultures that populate our great area. We invite folks of all backgrounds to show off what makes their culture unique through fine art, craft, food, song, dance, storytelling and any other creative endeavor.

This year’s Cultural Arts Festival will consist of an exhibition in our Downtown Gallery and live interactive workshops and performances via social media.

Representation of as many cultures as possible is a festival goal. Participants are asked to create artwork, performances or food that is inspired by their cultural training and background. Participants of all skill levels working in all mediums are encouraged to apply. 

Allied Arts Membership is not required to apply for participation in Whatcom Cultural Festival, but it is greatly appreciated. Click here to become a member.

 The following are descriptions and expectations for each type of opportunity within the festival. If you have any questions please email kelly@alliedarts.org

Opportunities for Visual Artists and Craftspeople

Artists can have a small display of items in our gallery space. Room is limited. If your work is meant to hang on a wall, expect being allowed roughly 3ft x 3ft of space. If your items are meant to sit on a tabletop, expect to be allowed 3ft wide, 3ft deep and 3ft tall. 

Performances, Workshops, and Presentations

Performances will be held on Saturdays throughout the month of March. We are looking for music, performing arts, workshops and presentations that fit the Cultural Arts theme, for example but not limited to a musical theater performance or a musical performances representing our cultural diversity. Please attach a description of your proposed performance. Compensation will be available for select performances based on funding.

Performances, workshops and presentations will all be broadcasts of pre-recorded or live video via social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and/or Zoom. Allied Arts has a set-up suitable for workshops or presentations, musical performances would likely be better done elsewhere due to acoustics of our space. Further information will be discussed upon acceptance.