We heART commUNITY Fund Drive

Whatcom County arts and culture organizations are teaming up to inspire giving to the arts during COVID closure.

We are asking you to make a $50 donation to at least five organizations, totaling $250 in giving to the arts. In return you will receive a piece of exclusive merchandise, commemorating the movement to keep arts alive and thriving in Whatcom County!

Arts organizations are all suffering from physical closure, lost earned income, and lack of resources to continue paying staff and facilities costs.

With your help we are widening our collective pool of supporters, encouraging you to branch out in support of the diverse groups who make up the thriving Whatcom County arts ecosystem. The arts are vital, we are interconnected, and everyone will benefit from a thriving arts and culture sector in our community.

We heART commUNITY Donation Form

  • Using this and the following fields, choose the 5 organizations you'd like your $250 contribution to support. Then choose whether you'd like your contribution to be a donation or membership.
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