Vision Statement

Allied Arts of Whatcom County is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation whose vision is to enliven and promote the artistic identity within our community and make our region an arts destination and creative, vibrant place to live.

Mission Statement

Allied Arts of Whatcom County is dedicated to the arts in our region by empowering local artists through organized festivals and events, enriching our local school children through educational outreach programs, and working as a liaison to art enthusiasts of all ages, within our uniquely creative community.

Short Term priorities include…

Continue to focus on the promotion of the arts through tourism

  • Continuing the “Art Means Business” campaign to promote the economic and cultural significance of the arts in our community

Continue forming and growing a strong dedicated Board of Directors

  • Review By Laws
  • Elections for Executive Committee
  • Expand board to at least 7 members

Organizations Structure

  • Re-examine Membership structure and benefits
  • Re-examine Event Jury Fees

Long Term priorities include…

Key Elements

  • Organizational Infrastructure
  • Artist, Art Organizations, & Art Enthusiasts Opportunities
  • Youth Exposure to Arts Education
  • Arts in the Community

I. Organizational Infrastructure: to strengthen the financial plan, membership and volunteer recruitment in order to create a stable and sustainable organization.

1. Financial Plan

  • Further develop and implement
  • Training for board and staff

2. Marketing

  • Strengthen plan

3. Committees

  • Further develop structure/volunteers

4. Board Development

  • Application/Interview Process
  • Fill Board

5. Membership

  • Increase
  • Benefits/Events for Members

6. Volunteer Opportunities

  • Rewarding Educational Possibilities
  • Community Service Options
  • Variety through levels of school system

II. Artists, Art Organizations, and Arts Enthusiasts Opportunities: to provide opportunities to arts related businesses within our community in order to keep active locally.

1. Retail Exhibiting Opportunities

  • Creative Spaces: Temporary Storefront Exhibitions
    Obtain financial support
  • Wild About Whatcom (Traveling Non-profit and Business Exhibit Services)
    Stabilize program and obtain installer (contract?)
  • Holiday Festival of the Arts
    Continue quality and profit of very successful event
    Revise staffing
  • Summer Festival
    Continue to build financial support and participation of artists and patrons
  • RARE: Recycled Arts Resource Expo
    Secure marketing and admin funding
    Increase participation of artists and patrons
  • Allied Arts Gallery Exhibits
    Increase sales of artwork

2. Community Support and Fundraising

  • Art Supply Thrift Store
    Increase donations and sales
  • Door Art Throwdown 3
    Increase profit
  • Umbrella Projects
    Continue to support small organizations and individuals in their projects when administratively and financially feasible.

III. Youth Exposure to Arts Education: to provide arts related curriculum to the Whatcom County school systems, supporting youth through creativity and stimulation.

  • Allied Arts Education Project; High-quality, standards-based art in Whatcom County.
    In School Sessions: theatre, dance and visual art classes, residencies and schoolwide programs
    Continue to strive to become financially self supporting through charging for administration and other fundraising efforts
  • Annual Children’s Art Walk
    Continue to strive to become financially self supporting through charging for administration and other fundraising efforts
  • Arts Impact -teacher training
    To sustain the program at a small level in the school district in order to secure funding to instigate full program again in the future
  • After School Opportunities
    Provide services where administratively and financially sustainable
  • Early Childhood Development program
    Research the need and possibilities
    Provide services where administratively and financially sustainable
  • Arts Education Outreach events
    Provide outreach services where administratively and financially sustainable
  • Arts Educator Opportunities
    Provide professional development from an educational or an economical standpoint.

IV. Arts in the Community: to provide outreach and collaboration with the local community.

  • Creative Collaborations: Working with our artistic community to establish knowledge of the possible ways to get involved.
  • Implement the Cultural Council
  • Promote arts advocacy, collaboration and networking opportunities
  • Coordinate February “Arts Day” advocacy in Olympia for our region
  • Assist with the revision of the Community Cultural Plan 4
  • Advocating for Bellingham Arts Business Accelerator to promote arts related collaboration, education and networking opportunities
  • Cultural Tourism: Raise awareness of the arts in our area working with the marketing and tourism community.
    Joint marketing of arts and cultural programs, services, organizations, businesses and events
    Whatcom County Arts and Culture Guide.
    Art Talk: KMRE Radio Show – POD Cast

Impact of the Arts: Document and promote the arts through research and promotion.

  • Implement an area-wide “Art Means Business” campaign
  • Present the Economic Prosperity Study throughout the region
  • Creative Vitality Index Pilot Project
  • Arts as Social Change
  • Encourage projects in which the arts help to develop the community.
    Revised December, 2012