We’re happy to announce that this will be the 7th annual Recycled Arts Resource Expo! RARE is a two-day event that provides a platform for eco-friendly artists to showcase their art created from recycle materials. RARE also promotes art organizations and facilities that incorporate sustainability in their facilities and programs. One of our main objectives for this event is to educate the community on the role that the arts can play in the sustainability movement.

This year’s RARE event will provide an entertaining array of events, as well as hosting a strong program of educational workshops, speakers, panel discussions, exhibits and booths. We invite Exhibiting artists, Art booths, Performers, Presenters & Class Instructors with a passion for art created from recycled materials to become a part of RARE. Attendees are inspired to take home innovative ideas that recognize the value of using resources creatively.

RARE is made possible by many generous business partners.

Schedule of Events

RARE Exhibit April 5 – 27, Opening Reception: Fri April 5, 6pm – 9pm, Gallery Hours: M – F 10am – 5pm, Sat 12 – 5pm @ Allied Arts Gallery, 1418 Cornwall Ave.  Nearly 30 artists exhibiting works made from 75% or more recycled materials. Keep scrolling for a full list of participating artists and their work.

Workshops & Presentations – TBD

Performances – TBD

2018 Artists

(Photos of RARE artwork can be seen at the bottom of this page)

Art Hyatt

Art Hyatt will be showcasing a unique sculpture created from recycled wood.

Aurora Lindquist

Aurora Lindquist is showcasing some rugs woven from fabric and recycled yarn.

Barbara Siegele

Barbara Siegele has put together a variety of collages using mostly recycled paper and one piece that was made from the contents of her bag after a visit to Portland. Another one of her pieces was created from materials acquired through her love of tea.

Bev Connor

Bev Connor create wood burnings on recycled household items giving them amazing wildlife designs.

Eric Brown

Eric Brown created a sculpture using an old meat grinder which is reimagined as grinding Christmas lights into EL wire.

Frank Frazee

Frank Frazee picked up some materials from garage sales and thrift stores to create paintings and sculpture from wood, latex house paint and acrylic paint.

Dan Coombs

Dan Coombs is showing a piece made from recycled wire, glass, ceramic, shell, and coral used to create a large fish sculpture titled “Salmon Remembered”. Dan is drawing attention to the gradual degradation of our natural systems, and how this affects many plant and animal species.

Graham Schodda

Graham Schodda uses stainless steel acquired from recycled appliances as a base to create wonderful 2-D pieces.

Jonathan Kaiser

Jonathan Kaiser creates unique, handcrafted welded pieces of garden art, made by upcycling colored glass candle holders onto welded pieces of rebar. These art pieces are both artistic and functional.

Karin Mueller

Karin Mueller creates assemblages, shrines and shadow boxes from a wide variety of recycled materials.

Kathy Chen

Kathy Chen used recycled toilet paper rolls to create see-through “walls.” Positioned inside a window, they diffuse incoming sunlight, while making a cool pattern to see outside (like inside a beehive)!

Ken Wiener

Ken Wiener describes his work as an ongoing search to understand what makes us, as human beings, different from animals. His work is sculpture made from a wide variety of recycled materials.

Rachel Simpson

Rachel Simpson’s art calls to her imagination, literary inspiration, nature, childhood, and uses a variety of mixed-media, such as found objects, upcycled art, ink, acrylics, textiles, & collage.

Rae Ellen Lee

Rae Ellen Lee uses recycled paper and small boxes as a base to paint wildflowers and birds.

Rafa Mithuna

Rafa Mithuna has been wondering how nature might reconstruct itself after we are gone. Would it use the materials we have left behind to reanimate familiar forms? Rafa uses recycled steel to dive into this idea.

Sandra Lucke

Sandra Lucke uses 3-D recycled objects, acrylic paints including plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, china pottery and jewelry to create wonderful works of art.

Sarah Polster Tribble

Sarah Polster Tribble creates natural scenes produced from recycled magazine pages with a quilling like technique. Magazines cut, rolled and laid out to mimic brush strokes come together to make stunning pieces.

Seren Fargo

Seren Fargo is showing pieces created from materials she collected from the great outdoors including stones, drift wood as well as many recycled materials.

Terry Kaye

Terry Kaye creates sculptures and beautiful barrettes using a wide variety of recycled materials.

Thor Myhre

Thor Myhre will be showing some sculptures he made from recycled materials as well as hosting a performance using musical instrument made from discarded materials. Thor will also be hosting a workshop with a physics lesson by helping visitors build their own mini washtub bass instrument from coffee cans.

Gabe Riggs

Gabe Riggs used paint and canvas gathered from our Reuse Thrift store to create his recycled piece for this event. Even his paintbrushes and easel are recycled from his friends!

Bill Englander

Bill Englander will be showcasing a variety of unique sculptures created from recycled materials including mirrors, lights, and much more.

Natashia Juhlin

Natashia Juhlin creates sculpture though the uses of recycled tea pots and a wide variety of other materials.

Thank you for another great year! Your attendance, participation and membership helps keep events like RARE coming back year after year. Below you can view a summary of last years RARE event.

2017 RARE Summary