Application for: Recycled Arts Resource Expo (RARE)

***Dates and protocols subject to change pending the most up to date COVID-19 information***

Exhibit Dates: April 1 – 30, 2022

Below is the application and guidelines for the recycled art exhibit. Unfortunately, this year’s RARE will not include live performances, workshops or speakers. You may fill out the application online using the form at the bottom of this page, or download a PDF version of the application here.

Application Due: Friday, February 25, 2022 by 4pm No Jury Fees!

We invite artists, businesses and organizations that focus on our environment and sustainability with a passion for recycled art to become a part of RARE.  Allied Arts Membership is not required to apply for participation in RARE, but very appreciated. Click here to become a member.

Definition of recycled For the purpose of RARE, we define recycled art as consisting of at least 75% materials that would    otherwise have been thrown away if not for their creative use in art. The following are descriptions and expectations for each type of opportunity within the expo. If you have any questions please email

Artist Exhibitors

You can jury to be a part of the ReArt Show held at the Allied Arts Gallery downtown. Artists may submit up to three fine art pieces for consideration to be included in the exhibit. Allied Arts Membership is not required to apply for participation, but very appreciated. Makers who create smaller multiples of the same item may have a small display on one of our pedestals in the gallery with more than three pieces. Display requirements will be discussed when accepted. 

Special requirements Artist exhibitor applicants must attach a long (100 word) and short (25 word) description of the work they plan to show and what the pieces are made of. Applicants must also provide at least 4 digital images (digital or hardcopy) of their work and accompanying image list to be reviewed by a jury.

Workshop Facilitators






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