About Rachel

Rachel Potter invites you to join her in a world of magical creatures, which can be in seen in her multi-media paintings and children’s art lessons.  

Rachel grew up in both the snowy foothills of Salt Lake City, Utah and the tropical beaches of Kailua, Hawaii. Her family influenced her creativity and her interest in teaching. Her actress grandmother ran a talent agency and was an amazing costume designer. Her architect father and teacher mother immersed Rachel in both a passion for art and desire to inspire others. 

Rachel received her BA in Fine Art and Creative Writing from Linfield College in Oregon with a semester in Nottingham, England. Rachel further studied Painting at Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Minnesota and Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Portland in Oregon.[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Currently, Rachel maintains a space at the Whatcom Art Market, a cooperative gallery in Fairhaven, and has been there since September 2021. She also  owns Baby Bird Designs, a children’s fashion company, that specializes in appliqued clothing for babies and children. 

Teaching Experience:

Rachel has been teaching art to children in schools and other organizations since 2000 when she taught her first classes at Hawaiian Graphics in Honolulu, Hawaii. She has continued to teach children’s art classes in Minnesota, Oregon, and Washington state. She has been with Allied Arts Education Project since 2017.

Teaching Philosophy:

“I believe that every child is artistic and creative by nature. As an art teacher I strive to teach skills while also encouraging self-expression and building self-confidence. Most importantly, I wish to help students find what is inside themselves through art.” 


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Lesson Plans

3 Hour Lesson Plans (For Grades 1-5)

Artists and Styles: Students will become familiar with prominent art figures and their unique styles. Students will engage in a dialogue of the works of famous artists and be asked to use methods the artists used in creations of their own.

Surreal Paint Blots: Students will create new drawings out of randomly splattered ink spots. Let a blot of paint fall randomly onto a piece of paper, fold the paper in half and open it back up. A new shape will be formed. Let dry. Lesson about Surrealism will be given at this point.

Collage with Mattise: Focused on Henri Mattise and his later work – collage! To create a complete picture through the use of cut shapes. The use of bright and “wild” colors will also be investigated to install the knowledge of Fauvism.