Focus of Peoples’ Perspectives:

How will we remember life in Bellingham and Whatcom County before, during and after this time of Staying Home and Staying Healthy? Many organizations are inviting community members to share their thoughts and experiences through storytelling, photography, journaling, and other art forms. We wondered: what happens to those stories? How can we ensure they are not lost but, rather, are collected and archived to create a trove of comprehensive memories and perspectives? For more information about how other organizations are getting involved please visit:

Call to Artists for: Peoples’ Perspectives Creative Challenge

Allied Arts of Whatcom County is excited to be collaborating with Peoples’ Perspectives: COVID-19 in Whatcom County by co-hosting a community exhibit inspired by your experiences and creations during the COVID-19 crisis. 

To participate:

  1. All ages are encouraged to create something that reflects how you are feeling during this time. This can be just about anything visual arts, craft, photography, video, gardening, culinary….
  2. Take a good quality high resolution photo or video of the creation, documenting the piece itself, the process you used to create it, a performance or reading…
  3. Submit your entry using the form on this page!

Membership with Allied Arts of Whatcom County is not required to participate but it greatly appreciated so we may continue with great programs like this. 

All mediums, genres, and skill levels are welcome to participate. Limit one entry per person. Applications must include a brief (100 words or fewer) explanation of what inspired your creative project.

Pending end of quarantine regulations: Up to 9 works will be chosen for an exhibit through the Whatcom County and Bellingham Public Libraries. Images will be printed in high resolution format and displayed at participating libraries throughout the county. Works will not be for sale.