Parents are increasingly able to articulate the benefits of the arts for their children. They see ways that the arts enhance their learning of academic subjects. They see the development of skills such as persistence, preparation and presentation. And, importantly, they see them developing a love of the arts! –Jeff Newport, Rosa Parks, Lake Washington
Art Education at Home
Resources for Parents

Information for Parents

Parents and Parent-Teacher Organizations help to provide the support and encouragement necessary to get students involved in the Allied Arts Education Project. It is important for parents to get involved in this process in order to help us to advocate for the arts.

Art is an important aspect of children’s education. Through the creative activities we have to offer, children not only learn how to think outside of the box, they are also better able to learn skills in other areas. According to a 2004 study by the Dana Arts and Cognition Consortium, interest in arts can help children with motivation and attention which in turn improve cognitive abilities.

The schools we are currently working with believe arts education is important too. Click below to watch an informative video about principal Steve Morse of Roosevelt Elementary and why he believes art is important and makes a difference at his school.


Allied Arts works hard to provide quality standard based programming. We have a rigorous selection process for our teaching artists that includes an application, a criminal history report, and interviews. This way, schools can receive the best teaching artists that Allied Arts has to offer.
Click here to read more about our teaching artists. Read a brief description of who they are and what they do. Each artist has specific lesson plans in mind.
As a parent, you can help us to advocate for arts education by getting involved in a local parent-teacher organization. PTOs help to enhance and promote the welfare of our students, teachers, and local communities. Contact your local school district to find out how you can get involved. You can also help Allied Arts by volunteering at the Children’s Art Walk, held every year in May. This event allows children to display their art work in participating business venue windows all through the month of May.
  • A Moving Electrical Experience: Teaching Science through Movement
  • Community Art Projects, Functional Art, and Murals
  • Curriculm Integrated Theatre and Dance Programs
  • The Art of Puppetry
  • Visual Art Workshops for the Whatcom Museum Programs

  • Determine your source of funding (district offering, PTO, school funds, sponsor).
  • Choose your artist workshop from the Teaching Artist offerings in the teaching roster.
  • Contact the artist to organize workshop details OR contact AAEP to organize a residency, mural project, or community partner program.
  • Enjoy your arts education offering!
  • Advise your PTO, school, or organization that the workshop has been completed to assure proper billing.

Program Costs
Program costs include artist fees and materials and will vary depending on the program. Some offerings are subsidized by a Washington State Arts Commission Arts in Education grant. These offerings are purchased and coordinated through school districts. Other offerings may be funded by PTO’s or local sponsors and donors.

School Funding
If your school decides to use school funds for arts education, please contact us to discuss program options, service fees, funding support, and payment processes.

Grant Funding
A portion of our offerings are subsidized through a Washington State Arts Commission grant for arts in education. These offerings are developed through collaboration with participating school district curriculum directors. Invitations to participate in grant-supported offerings are generally made through school district communications channels.

Local Donor and Corporate Sponsorships
We are interested in assisting schools and PTOs develop relationships with local sponsors and donors to support arts education in schools. If you are interested in cooperating to develop local sponsorship for your school or have a specific arts-based project you would like to see funded, we will be happy to work with you to find sponsorships.

For additional funding opportunities, see the ArtsEd Washington site.