Lesson plan

Postcard Devising


1. Bridge In: Name your favorite Hero.
2. Warm Up: Stretches, I Am a Tree (One is the tree, Two is the grass on the ground of the tree, Three is the shiny, green leaves on the branches of the tree, Four is the ladybug on the leaf… etc)
3. Devised: Postcards. Devising a scene from pictures in a postcard. (Creating the story behind the snapshot)
4. Cool Down: The Machine
5. Bridge Out: One word to describe your day and breathing
6. Reflection: What was your favorite postcard and why? Postcard Devising: The students are given several postcards to choose from. Often with images of random people (no one famous) or of random scenes. They are then guided (working in pairs or groups) to create the story of the postcard. Because each group size/age is different giving a very specific method of carrying out the devising is difficult. Often they are given prompts that incorporate gestures and asked to make flashcards with words or drawings on them to help them remember the story. After they create the story, they rehearse it and then present it to the whole. These stories are often no more than one or two minutes long. Lots of gestures and single words work well for this younger age group.

Number of sessions required


Length of each Session

1.5 hrs

Total project length

1.5 hrs

Grade levels