Kirsten Varga has been an artist her entire life. Drawing was a huge outlet for her imagination and she can recall spending hours filling pages with characters, designs, visual stories, and doodles. She enjoys looking at the world a little differently communicating whimsy, texture and stories through her artwork. Kirsten has been an Elementary Art Teacher and teaching artists for various ages and levels of experience. I taught classes in local businesses and through church organizations. As a teacher, I remind students of their creativity. I believe that everyone is creative whether that manifests in a traditional “creative” field or not. Taking risks and learning from mistakes is important.

  Why do you like making art with kids?

Sample lesson plan:

Explosion Book

Students will learn a simple folding technique to create a square-shaped interactive book that can be filled with a variety of subject matter.  As a result this project can be used in conjunction with current subject of learning to show comprehension and understanding.  it can also be used to express pure artistic visions through color, texture and composition.

Students will learn Craftsmanship, visual storytelling, use of elements of art and principle of design. Materials needed are paper, glue, paint, collage materials, etc.

Explosion Book example.