Kathy Harvey – on leave 2020-2021

Kathy is a life-long artist, educator and caregiver. Throughout her career she has designed, directed and facilitated creative learning programs with children, teens and adults. Since making Bellingham her home, she’s found great joy supporting students and teachers through the common core curriculum by way of creative arts and critical thinking. She develops enriching lesson plans independently or in collaboration with educators as needed. By taking into account the unique and diverse needs of each school, each classroom, and each child, Kathy is able to cultivate effective and inspiring learning experiences.

Previously, Kathy has conducted after school arts programs with elementary school students during her time as an RN working in Pediatric Intensive Care Units. She has also worked as a group facilitator directing the creation of murals and various art projects with children in schools, homes, camps, including Promise2Kids —a camp for foster children. Kathy has additionally integrated arts programs into her work with hospice patients and their families.

Kathy is inspired by the friendly nature of people in Bellingham and the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. She still works as a painter creating custom pieces for clients near and far. In her spare time she loves being with her daughter Emilie and family, hiking, exploring, and, of course creating!

Key Skills

  • TAT Certified (Teaching Arts Training)
  • Creative arts integration with elementary Core Curriculum
  • Acrylic painting
  • Watercolor painting
  • Collage with mixed media
  • Pastel
  • Found object collage
  • Healing arts
  • Group arts facilitation for all ages
  • Custom art commissions

Lesson Plans For 3 Hour and 12 Hour Sessions

Bellingham Promise Creations: Students will select from a variety of provided quotations and discuss how they relate to the Bellingham Promise. They will then write their own quote or poem creation on the back of a piece of watercolor paper and respond on the front with watercolors, felt pens or chalk. They will then share and work together to create a large collage piece relating to the same subject.

The Elements through Painting and Writing:  5 elements of energy will be reviewed: light, heat, sound, motion, and electricity. We will utilize a variety of watercolors, felt pens and other supplies for warm ups and final project. Students will explore together experiences they have with various forms of energy.  They will document with writing and painting with final opportunities to share.

Website:  www.kathyharveyarts.com