JR Johnson

JR Johnson

About JR as an Actor

JR graduated with a BA in theatre arts communications at the University of Puget Sound in 2000. He has performed on both stage and film and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. JR has performed in a number of stage plays, but he has enjoyed none more than the Shakespeare productions of which he has been a part. JR also has a number of directing credits, including those at both the high school and college level. He co-lead a workshop, as well, in 2006 at an all girls foster care where the participants created their own variety show, acting, writing and producing the show themselves.

As an Educator

In 2005, JR took his theatre degree to Western Washington University where he earned his Washington State teaching credential in theatre arts, social studies in economics and English Language Learning, as well as Highly Qualified Teaching merits in middle level language arts and math. JR taught theatre at Anacortes High School where he not only aided young actors and actresses in developing their craft, but also worked with students not adept on the stage in their growth as effective communicators.

Teaching Philosophy

JR believes that theatre arts instruction is sorely underused in the public school system where teaching math and writing in preparation of standardized testing has become paramount. Theatre is a foundational learning tool for most any mainstream class curriculum, as well as itself a fundamental discipline for preparing students for life after academia. His mission is to bring those fundamental skills to the students, one classroom at a time. JR’s curriculum is designed for the students not comfortable with acting, so that he may provide a safe learning environment for them to shed their affective filters and discover abilities they have yet to realize. His workshop gives participants an opportunity to harness their energy in creative and productive ways that will allow them to thrive throughout their academic careers. Theatre can also be used as an effective learning tool in writing and mathematics and everything in between. As a curriculum specialist, JR can work with teachers to develop theatre-based lessons and foster kinetic-based learning that a teacher will be able to use for his or her class time and again.

Lesson Plans

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