Janet Lewhald







About Janet

Janet is a self-taught artist who has been working on silk for years. Her work includes fine art paintings, quilted silk comforters, and some wearable pieces. Teaching is also an important part of her work. Janet teaches silk painting classes around the state in community colleges, public schools, commercial shops, her own studio, and for private groups.

Teaching Experience

Janet is an experienced classroom teacher in both public and private schools, and has also provided enrichment classes in silk painting and other arts and crafts for students from kindergarten to adult ages. She offers classes where everyone designs and paints their own projects and has also organized large group projects, such as quilts and banners, that have been used for display or fundraising.

Teaching Philosophy

Janet never ceases to be amazed at the natural eye for beauty that her students express in their work. She believes that silk painting is such an easy, fluid medium that beginners are able to create beautiful pieces right from the start.  Her part is to provide some basic tools, an opportunity, and the encouraging space to go ahead and experiment.


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Lesson Plans

3 Hour Lesson Plans (For Grades 1-5)

Silk Painting:  Painting on silk is fun and easy! A great way to learn color mixing and creative composition. Complete soft, lustrous artwork for play, display, or gifting. In this 3 hour workshop, students will paint on silk fabric using permanent silk dyes. Two projects are offered. You can choose “Flags,” 11” hemmed squares that can be flown like a flag, framed, or used in a variety of ways. Or “Hoops,” which are silk pieces stretched in 10” wooden hoops that are easy to hang. The whole process is demonstrated to the group, then everyone paints their own piece at their own speed. A design is traced onto the silk with a resist and then the colors are painted on with a brush. Within the resist lines, they flow and blend in beautiful and surprising ways. You can choose a theme, or everyone can just work from my giant collection of patterns.

12 Hour Lesson Plans ( For 5th Grades Only)

All School Projects

Silk Banner Project:  In this permanent art installation project, each student and teacher learns to paint on silk by doing a small personal painting.  Then each class designs a large banner around a theme chosen by the school.  Finally, the class, in small groups, paints their banner, which is hung in the school.  The banners are colorful, meaningful, and easy to hang and maintain.