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The 2020 Festival will take place November 20 until December 24, 2020 (Closed Thanksgiving Day and at 3pm on Christmas Eve)

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Nov 20  – Dec 23 – Online Store is open and customers can place orders thru 12pm on Dec 23. Customers can pick up orders Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm, thru 3pm Dec 24, closed Thanksgiving.
Shop the Holiday Festival online at and pick-up curbside at the Allied Arts Gallery, 1418 Cornwall Ave, Downtown Bellingham.

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December 4  – 24 – Gallery will be open daily, 10am – 6pm, thru 3pm Dec 24, closed Thanksgiving.
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2020 Participants



Jon D’Onofrio: John D’Onofrio is a photographer in Bellingham who has had his work featured in numerous magazines, calendars, note cards and post cards, as well as many other outlets.

Michael Colahan- Picture Pangea Photography: Picture Pangea Photography was born from a love of travel and a desire to learn about our natural world. Through Michael’s work he hopes to inspire a passion for conservation.

Lori Hill-Red Door Home II: Lori works in oil on canvas.  Her work is whimsical and colorful and she has developed her own characters.

Khara Ledonne: Khara’s work features local natural landscapes. Khara uses enamel for miniatures on jewelry, as well as in gouache, acrylic and oil for larger paintings on panels.

Terry MacDonald: Terry MacDonald is an acrylic and mixed media painter. Her art is often described as “happy art.” If her work makes someone smile or brightens their day then she feels fulfilled as an artist.

Louise Magno: Photography is Louise Magno’s first love and she has been a photographer for years. Sometimes a piece needs to become a graphic and Louise lets her creativity run free. Her work mostly focuses on wildlife and landscapes.

Karen Theusen: My work is inspired by nature. Using texture, color and imagery to evoke emotion and movement in my work. The journey is different for each piece I paint; they evolve and are unique.

Laurie Potter: Laurie Potter’s paintings are an expression of her adoration for the beautiful natural world and its inhabitants. What she creates in her artwork is driven by her passion for the infinitely interesting colors and forms that she sees while spending time outdoors.

Chris Shreve: Normiehead by Chris Shreve is a collection of surrealist fine art and illustration for walls, apparel and accessories.

Shanni Welsh: Shanni Welsh creates wall art and home-goods from her acrylic paintings and illustrations.

James Williamson: Over the years James Williamson has created thousands of original paintings and limited editions of local and regional subjects. He is committed to creating memorable images of life here in the Pacific Northwest.

Ria Harboe: Colorful, impactful, energetic Acrylic paintings of all sizes and price points, depicting my love of nature, music and travel. Prints, note cards and my line of holiday note cards are also available.

Andrea Lawson: Andrea Lawson creates all-natural soaps and skincare products to promote healthy individuals, healthy communities, and a healthy planet by using sustainable and local ingredients when possible. She also crochets scarves and hats. Her booth always has something for everyone!

Karma Maclachlan: Over at Karmela Botanica, Karma Maclachlan is creating beautiful organic skin care, luxury organic soap, and aromatherapy candles & products.

Lauren Willetts – Songbird Soap Company: Artisan Handmade Soap, Lotion, Bath and Body products with an emphasis on color and creativity. Free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates.

Laya Shriaberg: Laya Shriaberg’s original, solid botanical perfumes connect us to our spirituality via the nose. They contain only quality essential oils, organic moringa oil & wild beeswax. These perfumes are also fully hand-produced.

Sea Holly Beauty Company: Jessica Wilbert creates handcrafted bath and body products made in small batches right here in Bellingham. Unique fragrances, beautiful designs, and high-quality ingredients sourced locally when possible. Enjoy them as much as she does!

Terry Kaye: Terry Kaye has lotions and soaps lovingly handmade in her Bellingham kitchen. She also repurposes vintage jewelry into one-of-a-kind barrettes.

Cascadia Stoneware: Cascadia Stoneware makes stoneware porcelain pottery primarily for use in the kitchen. They make pieces on the wheel, by slab, casting, pressing, and extruding.

Nana Thebus: Nana Thebus’s hand built stoneware decorative accessories for your home and garden explore nature and botanical themes with subtle color and earthy texture.

Ryan Uhlhorn: Ryan Uhlhorn creates functional ceramic work. He has beautiful stoneware including small to large bowls, mugs, cups, plates, vases. Alongside those are his terracotta work including pie plates and cooking vessels such as tagines and casseroles.

Steve Dalton: Steve Dalton is creating functional stoneware pottery.

Whatcom Artist of Clay and Kiln: WACK is a non-profit organization dedicated to ceramic artists from Whatcom County with a passion for creative expression with clay. Shared pottery booth including Irene Lawson, Jeremy Noet, Jennifer Yates, Amy Popelka and Deb McCunn.


April Santman – Hook & A Stitch LLC: Handmade crochet fiber arts for fashionable women and children, as well as household products.

Carol Berry – Handwoven in Bellingham: Finely crafted handwoven to wear and for the home. Cotton, linen, wool, alpaca, silk. Original designs, creative weaves, luscious textures and colors. Made with love in Bellingham, WA.

Erin Burns – Scrappy Scrunchie & More: Erin makes scrunchies, dog bandanas and wristlet key fobs made out of as much recycled material as she can. Erin does not always use recycled fabric, but tries their best.

Harold Niven: Harold Niven is a fiber artist whose colorful creations make up his store Another Wave Fiber art. His work is colorful and fun. Harold has been in the Holiday Festival almost its entire 40 years!

Lori Hill: Lori Hill makes fun, whimsical original art work in oil. Later, the artwork is reproduced on canvas prints, mugs, tiles, tote bags and pillows. Ostriches and llamas with personality are her specialty.

Mary Barstow: Mary Barstow is a fiber artist using quilting (pieced, fusible appliqué and stained glass techniques) and machine embroidery. Her art includes bed and throw size quilts, wall hangings, table décor, ornaments, bags, aprons, and towels.

Mesee Wilson: Mesee Wilson creates all of her pieces from roving from various breeds of sheep. The process includes water, soap, and manual manipulation of fibers. Items include – but are not limited to – vessels, table runners, bowls, pillows, purses, coasters, jewelry, scarves, “wood paintings,” pin cushions, and decorative items.

Sandy Schatz: Sandy Schatz is a fiber artist whose knitted items can keep you warm this winter. Her hats and socks are very fashionable, and everyone in the whole family is sure to enjoy her styles and colors.

Sheila Rood: Sheila Rood is a fiber artist here in the Pacific Northwest. Her works often have natural themes, such as the impressions of leaves.

Sue McCaslin: Sue McCaslin designs and makes up-cycled bags and other items from vintage wool coats and sweaters. She “paints” images with dyed wool roving using a needle felting method. New for 2020, stocking stuffers: pin cushions, coasters and trivets.

Texture Clothing: Texture Clothing is making clothing for people of varying body types. With their clothing they hope to spread body positivity for women all while producing zero waste.

Christine Wekking: Organic cooking, seasoning and baking products. Christine Wekking’s Le Gourmet Girl makes cooking meals at home easy, healthy and tasty.

Holmquist Hazelnuts: Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards LLC is a 5th generation, family owned and operated farm in Whatcom County. They enjoy a time honored tradition of bringing hazelnuts and products with hazelnuts to the Pacific Northwest.

Shrub Farm Drinking Vinegar: Shrub Farm Drinking Vinegar is crafted with locally sourced flavors to support the family owned fruit and herb farms in the Cascade foothills and Maui. Organic and Raw, Apple Cider Vinegar infused with whole fruit in micro batches to ensure a super potent flavor extraction. Enjoy 32 refreshing healthful drinks -spiked or not- with one 16oz bottle.

Marie’s Bees: Marie’s Bees sells raw local honey and honey products.

Trilby’s Kitchen: Trilby’s Kitchen’s award winning BBQ sauces, spice blends and candies are handcrafted all in small batches in their WSDA certified kitchen to ensure quality & freshness.

B & L Shumake: RainDrops, owned by Bob and Lorraine Shumake, creates framed artwork with natural materials like sea glass, pebbles and driftwood. Included are the artists’ watercolors, photographs and drawings as backgrounds in her framed artwork.

Dave and Elvy Schmoker – Bear Art Studios: Using glass as our canvas we Sandblast wildlife & sea life designs into glassware of many shapes and sizes. Handmade Jewelry and hand painted suncatchers.

Kristi Thorndike-Kent: Kristi Thorndike-Kent is making whimsical fused-glass ornaments and garden art, as well as painted rocks and polymer clay pieces.

Linda Smith- TerrecielArts: Upcycled glass vases, platters, bowls, etc. Into bird baths, plant stands, and garden art.

Bonnie Rose: Bonnie Rose creates beautiful handmade silver and gold filled jewelry.

Darlene Klister: Darlene Klister’s love of nature, the environment and life comes through in her jewelry, watercolor paintings, and drawings.

Jan Landin: Metal, polished stones and natural crystals form the basis of Janice Landin’s jewelry. The metals are hand fabricated and the designs are her original creations in silver, copper and brass.

Jim Hopkins: Jim Hopkins has been creating one-of-a-kind jewelry focusing on fossil ivories from Alaska, both mammoth and walrus, for over 30 years. He labels his work as “Wearable Art From Alaska’s History.”

Karen Kramer: Karen Kramer has been making jewelry for the past 50 years, and she has been in business full time as Still Water Jewelry since 1991. She makes handcrafted jewelry, using Czech glass, Austrian crystals, gemstones, and mixed metals, which are hypoallergenic and nickel free. Her original handcrafted designs focus on color, texture, balance, and comfort.

Marlene VanBeek: Marlene VanBeek is a jewelry designer who uses Italian and Czech glass, along with mixed metals to create fun, easy to wear pieces. The joy of creation is at the center of her life.

Robert Keene: Sterling and gold jewelry handcrafted by Robert Keene in contemporary and whimsical designs, custom work accepted and all work guaranteed.

Sarah Brockman: Sarah Brockman designs artisan jewelry showcasing a mix of beaded designs. Materials include Czech glass, freshwater pearls, sterling silver & 24k plated gold, Greek leather, and hand-dyed silk ribbon. Carded necklaces pairing original paintings with beaded necklaces are a new addition to the collection.

Chris Burns – Circle 8 Creative: Handcrafted dimensional mixed media paintings and natural soy wax candles from upcycled glassware, cabinet doors and wood panels. Focused on organic textures in combination with urban aesthetics and recycled elements.

Clarissa Callesen: Clarissa Callesen is making expressive unique handmade pottery, found object assemblage, and fabric explorations.

Deb Dole: Deborah Dole paints mostly with acrylics and acrylic ink, although usually there are bits of pastel, pencil and oil in the paintings. Her paintings are layered, whimsical and richly colored. They draw the viewer in.

Edgar Smith: Edgar Smith’s pieces are designed to be functional yet unique and attractive. They incorporate salvaged materials that would otherwise be permanently destroyed. Their past and future lives intersect at the crossroads of chance and sentiment.

Pamela Beason – WildWing Press: Pamela is a mystery novelist most of the time, and a painter some of the time. You can read about any of her books on

Rachel Simpson – Rachel’s Whimsical Art: The ocean, marine-life, & nature are all a part of Rachel’s inspiration for drawing, painting, mixed-media, ceramics, & sculpture. The bioluminescent marine-life drawings & paintings are some of what you see on display.

Rebecca Treat: Knitted and embellished nests.

Don Anderson: Don Anderson explores his long-held interest in Fractals and abstract imagery through the medium of welded metal sculpture, with rapt attention to line, form, and space to create statements of movement and grace.

Graham Schodda: Graham Schodda freehand draws images of fish, birds, and feathers onto stainless steel with an angle grinder, using a technique he’s honed over 25 years as a metal artist. The final result is a smooth to the touch, holographic image. As in their natural habitat the fish seem disguised in a watery medium — fading and reappearing as the light or viewing angle changes.


Suzanne Averre: Co-creating with earth spirits is endlessly inspiring to Suzanne Averre. Playfulness is an essential element. Drawing upon ancient archetypal images while enjoying and sharing the play is pure happiness!

Chris Clay: Chris Clay makes small wooden objects, bowls, boxes and trays. The wood is locally sourced from downed trees and some comes from the beach.

Geoffrey Fisher: Geoffrey Fisher makes hardwood kitchen utensils and other accessories for the kitchen home and office. A variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods are used to create his products.

Validate Appreciate: Sandy & Doug Carpenter are artists that create décor for people of all ages. Be you a child or an adult, you will love their colorful pieces.

Scott Josiah -Roundabout Woodturning: As a forester and woodturner, Scott explores the endless diversity and beauty of wood, merging functionality with art. Scott tries to honor and respect the memory of the tree by drawing out the full beauty of every piece.

Aireekah Laudert: Aireekah Laudert shares sparkly and fun things created to help you look and feel awesome, and collaborates with her dad, Shrimp Whisperer AK, to bring hilarious shrimp art to the world!

Dawn Pilon: Dawn Pilon creates original water color and ink illustrations printed on a variety of calendars, notepads, greeting cards, gift wrap and gift tags. She has framed original paintings and wool ornaments.

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