Guidelines and General Information for Performers at the

2022 Holiday Festival of the Arts

Open 7 days a week

November 18th  –  December 24th

Location: TBA

The Holiday Festival of the Arts is an indoor arts festival featuring 100 artisans from the Northwest, many from our own region. The festival takes place over a five week period. Aside from vendors selling their wares, the festival boasts workshops for children & live performances on the weekends.

Dates of Performance:


Time Slots for Each Day:


Please keep to your allotted time slot. Arrive early for set up and end on time.


Festival Timeline and Due Dates

November TBA

All paperwork submitted to Allied Arts and Time Slot Scheduling done to be included in publicity. Performances scheduled after this date will only be included on our website and online media.

November TBA

Last day to turn in your tagged CDs and merchandise to the Allied Arts Office

November 18th to December 24th

Festival Hours: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Also Open: Dec 22nd & 23rd 10am – 6pm &
Dec 24th 10am – 3pm

January TBA, 2023

Last day to pick up unsold CDs and merchandise from Allied Arts Office


CD Sales and Tips

CD and Merchandise Sales

Sales of you or your groups CDs and merchandise is allowed. You may not bring in CDs or merchandise by other musicians to sell. Each CD or merchandise must be marked with the personalized price tags provided by Allied Arts. Allied Arts is not responsible for keeping track of inventory of CDs and merchandise. All CDs and merchandise must be brought in, with tags, no later then 5pm November 13th. If you are interested in selling CDs or merchandise, please mark the appropriate box on the Application Form and include listed prices.


Allied Arts will provide tip cans to be put out during performances. After each performance a representative from Allied Arts will empty the tip cans and give the money to the performers. No commission will be taken from tips.

Equipment Provided

Allied Arts will provide an upright piano as well as a sound system that includes monitor, 2 speakers, 2 microphones, cords and stands. If you require more, please bring your own. Note: There will NOT be a sound technician available.

Fee Requirements

Musicians are not required to have a membership or participation fee to perform at our Festivals. But, Allied Arts does appreciate donations or memberships in return for facilitating this community event.


To be a performer fill out the application below by November TBA!

Contact Address(Required)
If you would like to sell CD's at the Holiday Festival we will need price points to make tags for you.
Please go to the website here and see the available times. Then put your three best times.