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Native Arts Collective

Exhibit dates: October 7th – 29th, 2022

Opening Reception: October 7th, 2022 – 6pm to 9pm
Location: 1418 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham
Performer: Robert Sarazin Blake

Allied Arts of Whatcom County is excited to feature the Native Arts Collective for our October show. featuring the unique and captivating works of Native artists from throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Ralph Bennett, Vina Brown, Vincent Feliciano, Yolanda Felix-Wilbur, Cyaltsa Finkbonner, Maddy Flower, Jason Laclair, Shana Lukinich, Tommy Segundo, and Felix Solomon. The exhibition will consist of various media including beadwork, jewelry, fiber arts, and painting.

Native Arts Collective provides a platform to showcase the vibrancy, skill, and creativity of new and upcoming Native artists.

Upcoming Exhibits

Past Exhibits

Whatcom Artist Studio Tour Prelude

Exhibit dates: September 2nd – October 1st, 2022

Opening Reception: September 2nd, 2022 – 6pm to 9pm 

Allied Arts of Whatcom County is excited to present a sneak peek into the Whatcom Artist Studio Tour, Presenting a wide range of media, from sculpture to painting to fiber arts, this exhibit will include Whatcom County artists who are participating in the annual studio tour in October. This year is the tour’s 28th year, and has over 50 artists signed up to participate! For more information on the tour and participating artists, please visit 

Looking Forward, Facing Back 

Exhibit dates: August 5th – 27th 2022

Opening Reception: July 1st, 2022 – 6pm to 9pm 

We invite you to our exhibit Looking Forward, Facing Back.  This installment, featuring the work of Jessica Silver, Lyz Staman, Susan Cohen Raphael, Erin Libby, and Jano Argue, will send you on a time travelling journey through the whimsical and surreal dream worlds of these evocative creators. 

Erin Libby’s new oils are narrative paintings. They like to tell stories. They like mystery and whimsey. They hope viewers spend time interpreting their paintings by bringing their own sensibility, interpretation, and experience to the viewing. 

Jessica Silver hopes to introduce you to the same sculpture or piece of jewelry she sees when she looks at each unique stone.  

Lyz Staman creates oil paintings that reflect her international travel and causes that she is passionate about. Her work shows a new way of looking at life around us and the interesting people we meet.  

Susan Cohen Raphael creates multimedia work with oil, acrylics, graphite, on paper, canvas, or wood as well as photography. Always focusing facial expressions and relationships with the natural world of forms, shapes, and colors.

Form and Figure

FIRST FRIDAY:  July 1st, 2022, 6:00-9:00 pm
exhibit dates: July 1st thru 30th, 2022
Gallery Photos

Allied Arts of Whatcom County invites you to our Form and Figure exhibit. This show, featuring the works of Alene Johnson, Daelinar, Frank Frazee, and Sam Chapman, sweeps the viewer into an exploration of expressive sculptures and paintings.

Alene Johnson’s work consists of found objects and clay, a unique display of decorations. 

Daelinar’s multi media assembly of pieces

Frank Frazee

Sam Chapman

As a special guest for our opening reception on July 1st,Peter Ali will be performing outside of the gallery. To learn more about Peter Ali, visit his Facebook page at:

22nd Annual Children’s Art Walk 

Exhibit dates: May 6th- 18th 2022

May 6, 2021 – 6pm to 9pm 

We welcome all to stroll through downtown Bellingham and delight in the works of the younger art community! On Friday, May 6th, Whatcom County students will proudly display their works of art during the 22nd annual Children’s Art Walk presented by Allied Arts of Whatcom County. Art will stay on display through May 18 in honor of the state wide Arts Education Month. 

RARE (Recycled Arts & Resource Expo) ReArt Show

Exhibit dates: April 1st – 30, 2022

First Friday:  April 1st 2022, 6:00-9:00 pm

Each spring Bellingham is home to a half dozen creative reuse events-Welding Rodeo, Trash Fashion, Recycled Art Shows, Procession of the Species and more! The 10th annual two-day event serves as a unifying resource that provides a platform for the many green themed artistic endeavors in the area. In addition to a highly entertaining roster of events, RARE hosts a strong program of educational workshops, speakers, panel discussions and exhibits, including our ReArt gallery show. Find out more and apply here!

Allied Arts Whatcom  READS! Art Challenge  2022

Exhibit dates: March 4-27, 2022

Opening: Friday, March 4, 6 p.m. – 9p.m.

Allied Arts hosts their annual partnership with the Bellingham and Whatcom Libraries Whatcom READS program, the Whatcom READS Art Challenge. Artists were tasked with reading this year’s book and creating art inspired by it. The featured book this year is Greenwood by Michael Christie. Artists are invited to create works influenced by the book.  

Allied Arts Annual Member’s Show

Exhibit dates: February 4 – 26th, 2022

First Friday:  February 4, 2021, 6:00-9:00 pm

The show features work from Allied Arts members, including professional artists, students, and new or emerging artists. Works presented range from traditional paintings to photography, contemporary sculptures and everything in between. We have an amazing collection this year, do come see it in person!


Allied Arts: Substance of Surface

Exhibit dates: January 7 – 29th, 2022

First Friday:  January 7, 2021, 6:00-9:00 pm

Allied Arts of Whatcom County’s 2022 Exhibit Series kicks off with Substances of surface featuring work from Jennifer Landau , Lisa Nakama , and Suzanne Perlmutter. Substance of surface presents works created in our modern era but with a nod to traditional techniques and materials. 


Allied Arts: Holiday Festival of the Arts Showcase

Exhibit dates: December 3 – 18th, 2021

First Friday:  December 3, 2021, 5:00-9:00 pm

Our annual Holiday Festival of the Arts has been a Whatcom County tradition for 42 years and this year it promises to be even bigger! Visit the festival itself at 1411 Railroad Avenue and browse one-of-a-kind gifts and goods crafted by local vendors. But that’s not all! Start the holiday season off right and visit the Allied Arts downtown gallery to view a diverse collection of original artwork created by the amazing artists participating in the Holiday Festival. We will be exhibiting a variety of fiber art, mixed media and 2-D art, jewelry and glasswork, from Harold Niven, Karin Mueller, Kristi Moseley, Camille Brighten, Michael Colahan, Robert Keene, Suzanne Perlmutter, Candice Cross and Ria Harboe. 


Allied Arts: Dendritic Signals

Exhibit dates: November 5-27, 2021

First Friday:  5th, 2021, 5:00-9:00 pm

Join us this November as the Allied Arts downtown Gallery transforms into a dream-like world both abstract and beautifully original. Featuring the artwork of Marjie Miller and Cheryl Jacobson, Melissa Morales Rush, David Syre, and Don Anderson, Dendritic Signals invites the viewer to interpret the meaning behind each piece and wonder.

Marjie Miller and Cheryl Jacobson are encaustic artists who creatively fuse wax into surfaces with heat. The wax can be clear or pigmented, smooth or textured. Shellac burn is a technique we also use.

Melissa Morales Rush uses acrylics and multiple mediums on canvas. Mostly abstract, experimental, expressionism, impressionism, pouring and fluid art.

David Syre´s work is witness to his evolving psyche and internal dialogue. It is spontaneous and manifests as an intuitive offering. The search for spirituality has marked his artistic research and life’s journey. His working methods are almost ritualistic. He creates many pieces every day on an endless array of subjects – always exploring new topics and always perfecting his craft.

Don Anderson is a mixed media artist who creates fabulous sculptures using stainless steel, copper, wood, and Quartzite.

Allied Arts: Fleeting Faces

Exhibit dates: October 1-30, 2021


First Friday: October 1st, 2021, 5:00-9:00 pm.

Allied Arts of Whatcom County invites you to explore our October 2021 Exhibit “Fleeting Faces”. In this installment there is a variety of interesting and unique pieces from Frank Frazee, Susan Cohen Raphael, Jan Murphy, and Ken Wiener. The tone of “Fleeting Faces” is humanity, emotion, and the spaces in which we inhabit.

Frank Frazee utilizes mostly recycled materials and acrylic paint to create wonderful works of art. In this featured exhibit there will be 5 portrait pieces and 5 non-portrait pieces. 

Susan Cohen Raphael loves faces, expressions, and natural beauty. She looks for the soul in everything and searches to represent that in all her artistic endeavors.

Jan Murphy is a mixed media assemblage artist whose work features antique, and vintage articles and upcycled relics from the past.

Ken Wiener’s mixed media sculptures utilize items from our everyday life in unique ways that invoke creative thoughts in the viewer.


Whatcom Artist Studio Tour Gallery Showcase

September 3 – 25, 2020


Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 4pm

This exhibit will also be viewable on our website at

Allied Arts of Whatcom County’s 2021 Exhibit Series is excited to present work from the Whatcom Artist Studio Tour. Presenting a wide range of media, this exhibit will include several Whatcom County artists who are participating in the annual studio tour.


Allied Art: Fin and Feather

August 6-28, 2021, 11:00-4:00 pm


First Friday : August 6, 2021 5pm -9pm


Allied Arts of Whatcom County welcomes you to our August exhibit Fin and Feather, which includes stunning work by Deborah Dole, Lori Hill, Rachel Simpson, and Liz Cunningham. The work included by each of these artists is full of detail and character, and draws the viewer into a world of whimsy and beauty. Deborah Dole, Lori Hill, and Rachel Simpson are all showcasing pieces that embody members of the animal kingdom while Liz Cunningham’s beaded jewelry will draw you into its stunning intricacies.

Deborah Dole’s paintings are fun, colorful, and intuitive, using a mix of mediums. They are mostly acrylic, but also utilize watercolor, and oils. Her paintings are full of depth, color, and design.

Liz Cunningham’s beaded jewelry is intricate and systematically designed and satisfies her mathematical mind in solving puzzles. Her pieces are well planned in their color combinations and shapes and bring beauty to the smallest of details.

Lori Hill’s paintings are done in oil on canvas and capture fun characters of her own design from the animal kingdom. Be prepared to smile at the whimsical and colorful pieces she brings to this show.

Rachel Simpson’s paintings are inspired by the ocean, marine life, rocks, and nature. Included in this exhibit are paintings created using ultra-violet light reactive paints and ink, as well as mixed media paintings which incorporate crystals and semi-precious rocks, iridescent paints and resin top coats.

Allied Art: Lands Real and Imagined

July 2-31, 2021, 11:00-4:00 pm

First Friday:  July 2, 2021 4:00-8:00 pm

Allied Arts of Whatcom County invites you to explore the Lands Real and Imagined exhibit. This installment will include landscape inspired pieces from Lori Nelson Clonts, John Donofrio, Jennifer Kapnek, and Stacy Murphy. Each artist captures nature in a unique and beautiful way.

Lori Nelson Clonts exhibit pieces are painted with acrylics on canvas. The chosen pieces come from her 2019 monochromatic series from 2019, and “the condemned house” series which was started after the pandemic in 2020.

John Donofrio is a photographer, writer, publisher and multimedia artist living in Bellingham WA. His featured photography pieces for this exhibit are of the Northern West coast beaches.

Jennifer Kapnek creates stunning pieces of serene color-drenched environments with rough/broken edges and branches that blend seamlessly into sculptural light filled paintings

Stacy Murphy is a full time ceramic artist and works out of her home in Mount Vernon WA. Leaves and plants are the inspiration for her work, using items found in nature as part of her designs.


Allied Art: Whatcom’s Artists of Clay and Kiln 

June 4-26, 2021 

Opening Reception: June 4th, 5:00-8:00 pm 

Allied Arts of Whatcom County’s 2021 Exhibit series welcomes back WACK, Whatcom’s Artists of Clay and Kiln, from June 4-26. WACK is a non-profit organization for ceramic artists from around Whatcom County with a passion for creative expression with clay. This year, the WACK exhibit will follow the theme Unmasked: Imagining New Beginnings, features 2-D ceramic art from numerous local clay and kiln artists  

Allied Arts is a non-profit gallery, proceeds from sales go to support the arts in our community. 

For more information visit or contact Katy Tolles, Artist Services Coordinator at 676-8548 X2 or  

21st Annual Children’s Art Walk


We welcome all to stroll through downtown Bellingham and delight in the works of the younger art community! On Friday, May 7 Whatcom County students will proudly display their works of art during the 21st annual Children’s Art Walk presented by Allied Arts of Whatcom County. Art will stay on display through May 21 in honor of the state wide Arts Education Month.

Two exhibits in one gallery during the month of March!

Whatcom Cultural Arts Festival

Our Whatcom Cultural Arts Festival is happening in a hybrid online and in-person model this year. Allied Arts of Whatcom County is working with artists from throughout Whatcom County on a month long celebration of the cultural diversity of our area through the common language of visual and performing arts. A visual art exhibit will be viewable in person in our gallery while performances, workshops, and presentations will be viewable online via social media throughout the month of March. See all the happenings here!

Whatcom READS Art Challenge

March 2021

Washington Black by Canadian author Esi Edugyan is the Whatcom READS 2021 book selection. Author Eowyn Ivey, who wrote this year’s Whatcom READS featured title To the Bright Edge of the World, made the announcement at the close of her Thursday, March 5 author event at the Mount Baker Theatre.

Bestselling novelist Esi Edugyan writes richly imagined and impeccably researched stories that illuminate complicated truths about race and belonging. She is only the third writer to twice win the Scotiabank Giller Prize, Canada’s most prestigious literary award. Washington Black, her third novel, was included in numerous best books of the year lists when it was published in 2018.

Leading up to Edugyan’s visit to Bellingham and Whatcom County in March 2021, the Whatcom READS planning committee will work with community groups to create programs that explore themes from Washington Black. Watch Whatcom READS website and social media pages for updates and to get involved.

Events with this year’s author Eowyn Ivey continue through Saturday, March 7. Learn more at

About Whatcom READS: Now in its 12th year, Whatcom READS is a countywide program that encourages everyone to read and discuss the same book. It is presented by all the public and academic libraries in Bellingham and Whatcom County and community partner Village Books. Funding sponsors are Friends of the Bellingham Public Library and Whatcom County Library Foundation. Whatcom READS is generously supported by numerous community collaborators.  Check out Washington Black at the library or purchase it from Village Books, which donates 10% of all sales to Whatcom READS. Learn more at

Members’ Show

February 5th-27th 2021

Allied Arts of Whatcom County will host its 2021 Members Show in February. Participation is open to all current Allied Arts Members at any level of membership. Visit for more information about how to submit your work for this show.

The Member’s Show will feature work from nearly 100 Allied Arts members, including professional artists, students, and new or emerging artists. Works presented will range from traditional paintings to photography, contemporary sculptures and everything in between.

New Relics

January 8th-30th 2021

Allied Arts of Whatcom County’s 2021 Exhibit Series kicks off with New Relics featuring work from Richard Bulman, Nikole Dixon and Jessica Molnar. New Relics presents works created in our modern era but with a nod to traditional themes and techniques.

Richard Bulman creates works on stone using etching, engraving and painting. Richard allows the stone to influence the choice of subject and composition of the pieces. Finished pieces have the look of sculpted stone.

Nikole Dixon specializes in filet crochet paintings, first crocheting an image with thread, stretching it on a wood frame and finishing with oil paint to bring the work to life. Images created reflect traditional Romanesque subject matter.

Jessica Molnar is a fine artist, textile designer and bibliophile drawn to books, patterns and textures. Her encaustic collage works are an interplay between finely crafted elements and happy accidents.

Allied Arts is a non-profit gallery, all proceeds from sales go towards supporting the arts in our community.

For more information visit or contact Katy Tolles, Artist Services Coordinator at 360-676-8548 x2 or



Lummi Island Artist Show

November 6 – 28, 2020

Gallery Hours: Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 4pm

Allied Arts of Whatcom County’s 2020 Exhibit Series presents the Lummi Island Artist Show. Showcased artists include Lynn Dee, Ria Harboe and Kimberly Obbink. All based in Lummi Island, the show is a unique representation of art based on the beautiful coast surrounding Bellingham and its nearby islands.

Lynn Dee lives on Lummi Island and teachers her pottery techniques at her personal studio as well as several schools and universities in the area. Dee utilizes clay as her primary medium, presenting beautiful colors unique to the area, covered in beautiful glazes.

Kimberly Obbink is a resident of Lummi and Sinclair Islands. Obbink works with watercolor and colored pencil to realistically portray the fine details of the botanical and marine life native to Lummi Island.

Ria Harboe showcases her work in two self-maintained studios, one on Lummi Island and one in Bellingham. Harboe uses clay and acrylic to capture the beauty of our rugged landscape as well as things that give her joy, such as love and music.

Allied Arts is a non-profit gallery, all proceeds from sales go towards supporting the arts in our community.

For more information visit or contact Katy Tolles, Artist Services Coordinator at 360-676-8548 x2 or

Allied Arts: Magnificent Emotion

October 2 – 31, 2020


Opening Reception: Friday, October 2, 2020 6pm – 9pm

Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm, Saturday 12 – 5pm


Allied Arts of Whatcom County’s 2020 October Exhibit Series will host Magnificent Emotion, an exhibit featuring several abstract 2-D artists dedicated to capturing emotion through portraits of animals and people, abstract representation and native art. Showcased artists include Jamie McPherson, Jean Ferrier, Lori Hill and Tanya Tjoelker.


Jamie McPherson uses acrylics on canvas along with a mixture of charcoal, glue, gravel, and dog hair to create abstract paintings. His work focuses on moving away from direct representation and urges the viewer to develop a personal relationship to the piece directly.


Lori Hill strives to surprise the viewer with unique colors, forms and perspectives. She is a featured artist in local business around Bellingham and has won first and second place prizes from the Whatcom Art Guild’s artist of the month challenge.


Tanya Tjoelker creates sketched and stippled portraits. Tjoelker uses pen and ink to create their ambidextrous works.


Jean Ferrier creates graphic paintings, often on red cedar panels and linoleum block prints, concentrating heavily on animals of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Recently, she has experimented with handmade books that tell the stories of animals. Based in Seattle, Ferrier sells her work locally and her books are located in the collections at Seattle University and the University of Washington.


Allied Arts is a non-profit gallery, proceeds from sales go to support the arts in our community.


For more information visit or contact Katy Tolles, Artist Services Coordinator at 360-676-8548 ext2 or