Frank Frazee brings extensive teaching experience to the Arts Ed program.  He uses his  philosophy of “everyone is an artist” in teaching his cartooning classes. 

Frank is active in the local art community painting and participating in poetry workshops.

 Why do you like making art with kids?

Sample lesson plan:

“The Art of Cartooning”

Grades K-4

Students will do an initial hour long beginning cartooning class then during the next 2-hour long sessions they will create a 4-panel comic strip based on a knock-knock joke. The second hour will be the penciling in of the panels. The third hour will be the inking of the strip. 

Note:  Sessions are limited to one classroom at a time. 

The students will learn how to cartoon simple figures. They will then create their own characters to make a four-panel comic strip.  
They will learn sequencing of a joke.  
They will learn to use pencil, pen, and eraser to do a finished comic strip. 

Total time of Project: 3 hours. Each session is one hour long 

Card stock, Black fine line sharpies and erasers will be provided by AAWC. Classrooms, Please supply 8.5X11 multipurpose paper and pencils.