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Opening Reception: Mary Jo Maute and Denise Snyder Show 
at Dakota Art Gallery 
Friday, September 6th, 6–9 PM
Dakota Art Store Gallery
1322 Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham, WA 98335
Event contact? 360.676.8918
Mary Jo Maute and Denise Snyder Team Up on an Exhibition at Dakota Art Gallery
Two adventurously creative Whatcom County artists, Denise Snyder and Mary Jo Maute share the Dakota Art Gallery from September 6–29, 2019. Snyder, a sculptor and Maute, a painter share similar approaches to art, as well as a love for vivid color, flowing movement, and natural forms.
Maute is an improvisational painter. Floating luminous plant, animal, and figurative compositions convey memories, the passage of time, and life’s interconnectedness. For Snyder’s sculptures, peeled branches and metal are the structure. Delicate translucent papers and other fibers woven into the pieces emphasize the harmony, strength, and fragility of the natural world.
The exhibit can be seen at the Gallery through September 29th. The gallery is free and open daily 9:00 AM–6:00 PM and Sunday: 12:00 PM–5:00 PM
Denise Snyder, denise@dsnyderartist.com (360) 647-1142

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