Since its inception in 2002, the primary purpose of the Allied Arts Education Project (AAEP) has been to provide Whatcom County schools with professionally taught arts education projects using research-based best practices, current assessment methods and in-classroom instruction. We serve over 8,000 students annually.  The project supports our educational community by helping to develop equal access to art education programs. This creates cultural awareness, engages multiple intelligences and promotes the value of arts as basic education. 

In a constant effort to meet the needs of our community, current programming outside the schools includes:

  • Connections Program, Outdoor Education with Blaine and Bellingham School Districts
  • Dementia Support NW Zoom Art Sessions
  • Veterans Program (pending)
  • Pre-recorded art sessions and lesson plans on our website to support at-home learning

Additionally, AAEP hosts the Children’s Art Walk in May each year. This event provides children with a chance to display and share their wonderful works of art.

Allied Arts is committed to helping children in our local community to gain educational experiences through art related activities brought to their classrooms. Last year our programs served over 8,000 students by bringing local artists into public school classrooms to conduct workshops in dance, theatre and the visual arts. We align our arts lessons with the common core state standards and the core curriculum, and the schools see us as a valuable partner. The project supports our community by helping to develop equal access to arts education programs. Additionally, we host the Children’s Art Walk each year which provides children with a chance to display their wonderful works of art.

AAEP has strengthened community relationships by partnering with Parent-Teacher Organizations, local school districts, and other supporting businesses. Cooperative planning with these organizations has deepened the understanding of educational needs, allowing AAEP to create well-planned, broad-based arts offerings that have significant impact on our children’s arts education. We would like to continue to deepen our relationship with consortium partners and others in order to continue expanding our programs.

Advocating for art education is an essential part of the AAEP program. We recognize that art is an extremely valuable part of children’s learning.

The 2012 Arts Impact Report on Sustaining Arts-Infused Education found that “the conceptual intersections of dance, theater, and visual arts with other subjects:

  • Give students more opportunities to show their knowledge
  • Provide new ways to communicate ideas
  • Apply learning in multiple contexts
  • Help students think critically
  • Engage students in collaboration
  • Nurture creativity

For more information see Other important advocates for art and children education include Americans for the Arts,  the National Endowment for the ArtsWA State Arts Alliance, and WA State Arts Commission.