Doug Banner and Ham Hayes

Storytelling using Photographic Arts and Narrative

About Doug and Ham

Doug and Ham share a perspective that skill in creative expression is essential to self-knowledge and personal fulfillment.  They are combining their experience in art and education to offer a program to middle and high school students integrating photographic arts and personal narrative.  Doug combines his noteworthy experience as a story teller, sculptor, musician and educator with Ham’s background in photography and technology to provide a unique opportunity in self-discovery for these students.

Teaching Experience

Between them, Doug and Ham have several decades experience in education at the elementary, secondary, university and post-collegiate levels. They have served in many roles, including as instructors, curriculum designers, program directors, and innovators in the creation of desired systemic improvement.   Their experience spans the fields of art, language, technology, leadership and multi-cultural studies.

Teaching Philosophy

Our approach to teaching is holistic in nature. We provide a safe environment for self-exploration and the emergence of the student’s creativity. Through a mentoring approach we guide the student through technical skill development then allow them time to explore the medium. Once familiarity with the medium is established the student is then guided through the process of creative self-expression.
The goal of this project is for the student to create a personal narrative through images that defines who they are through their own eyes. This process makes the experience personal, meaningful and sustainable.

Lesson Plan

Workshop Name: IMAGEine MySelf

Description: A creative experience for youth through a journey of self discovery and leadership development using the photographic arts.

Students will create a personal story by: 1) learning skills that will awaken creativity and self-empowerment; 2) learning how to observe and be aware; 3) telling personal stories through images; 4) sharing with others; and 5) becoming a peer mentor.

The artistic teaching objectives of these workshops are informed and guided by the Washington State Learning Standards for the Arts in Media Arts. Standards are specific to the grade level to which the workshops are offered.

The workshop is composed of four modules with the following detailed objectives:

Module 1: Camera Imaging Techniques (photo lab)

  • Learning and developing skill in:
    • Operating a DSLR camera in manual mode.
    • Controlling visual effects related to motion, depth of field, exposure and viewpoint.

Module 2: Perception and Visualization (field work)

  • Seeing and Creating storylines using fixed images:
    • Intention, mood, plot, color, subject.
    • Freedom from distracting elements.

Module 3: My Images (field work)

  • Creating the images important to the student.

Module 4: Composing and Sharing the Personal Narrative (photo lab)

  • Selecting the images, composing and presenting the story the student wants to share.

Each module has a 2 to 3 hour duration.

There is no cost to the student.