Support Opportunities with Allied Arts of Whatcom County

Allied Arts Holiday Festival of the Arts 2008

Donate, Contribute, Volunteer or Become a Member. We offer lots of opportunities to participate.

Allied Arts appreciates the generous support of our local communities to help keep our programs and events going. Below are some of the donation opportunities available. Remember, all donations are tax deductible.
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General Donations

Allied Arts of Whatcom County is dedicated to enriching and sustaining our community through the arts. We do this through our arts education project, our gallery exhibits, our festivals and our community development projects.Your donation to Allied Arts helps us to continue quality programs and events that not only sustain the arts in our community but also make the arts accessible to residents and visitors of Whatcom County.

Donate now using our online store or with this form and drop it off at the office or mail it in.

Allied Arts Education Project

Help us bring art into a the lives of kids right here in Whatcom County. Below are the some sponsorship opportunities available through the Allied Arts Education Project

Contributions are gratefully accepted and tax deductible!

Sponsor an after-school arts project at a local elementary school $600

Fund a school-wide, large-scale public work of art (mural) $3,500

Sponsor a teacher in the year-long arts professional development program: $1800

Here are some more ideas that support Allied Arts…

In-Kind Wishlist
Gallery Rental
Umbrella/Partnership Projects
Partnering Organizations