Dierdre Czoberek

Deirdre Czoberek

About Deirdre

Deirdre finds her natural surroundings most inspiring and engaging. She doesn’t create art from what she sees, but her work is informed by everything around her. Deirdre looks at all the interesting shapes and textures in the soft beauty of the Northwest landscape and finds ideas flowing out onto the painting surface. Her work is purely spontaneous relying on the inter-relationships of color and form to create the ambiance in her paintings. From one traveling line on the paper, Deirdre creates her own universe.

Drawing Unit: A multi day lesson starting with handmade book filled with samples of drawing techniques. Students will get to fold their own book and then create portraits, contour drawings and value studies. Then using their drawing techniques from the previous lesson, students will draw boots and shoes as a still life. Lastly, one point perspective landscapes using line to create three dimensional space.

Painting Unit: A multi day lesson starting with color and mood. Students will create a color wheel project and a color mood chart. Then watercolor techniques. Building on the previous lesson, students will continue to explore watercolor use using washes and resists. Lastly, using skills from prior painting lessons students will paint a portrait or still life.

Collage and Mixed Media Unit: A three day lesson starting with Artist Trading Cards. Students will use drawing and painting skills to create small works focusing on the Elements of Art. Then Continuation of Artist Trading Card project. Lastly Layered landscapes using collage to create space in a two dimensional plane with color and value.