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Business Art Skill Share is a series of arts related workshops, classes, and presentations focused on providing aspiring and low income artists with knowledge, skills, and opportunities. Established artists and art administrators will teach participants how to market their art, use social media for promotion, find funding, create portfolios, frame pieces, set up gallery exhibits, and more. The goal is to give participants the opportunity to take what they’ve learned and exhibit their work through our Creative Spaces Program after taking classes. (Click here for more information about Creative Spaces).

Upcoming Classes and Presentations

Thanks to a grand from the Whatcom Community Foundation, all classes are free unless otherwise noted. Use the link at the bottom to sign up for any session EXCEPT Artist Trust presentations, there is a link in the description to sign up on their website.

Louise Magno presents Web Based Sales Platforms
Thursday, May 14, 5-7pm

Hi! My name is Louise Magno and my studio is named Natural Moments Studio, LLC. I am a photographer, graphic artist and painter. I have had my studio for over 15 years now and sell my artwork at shows, in person at my studio, wholesale to stores, AND online. An online presence is very important to the success of any studio. At shows I am constantly asked where the public can go to see more of my work year-round, both online and brick and mortar presence. It is critical for my success to have a website. BUT do I want to deal with all the cyber issues/concerns when you have your own store online??? Short answer is NO! I spent over 30 years in the computing industry in my other career and I know firsthand many of the hazards and pitfalls that exist in the cyber world. If you are making sales online in your own store, I have to be concerned with cyber security to ensure that the customer credit is not stolen in the process of a sale for starters and there is SO MUCH MORE! The ramifications and financial responsibilities that go with handling a customer credit information securely run deep, let alone all the other concerns you need to deal with in cyber space.

Today I partner with entities that are able to effectively handle customer credit, but still allow me to make sales online. I do have multiple stores as I sell actual inventory out of my studio to end customers, as well as work with license manufacturers in the production and sale of my images in a variety of renderings. So, while I am a 2D artist this class will speak to the goals and concerns of 3D artists as well.

The objective of this class is to introduce you to some of those options and give you some information about those options so you can make a decision of who you want to work with so that you too can have an online presence. During this class we will look at several options to better understand what they offer. I cannot advise you which is a better option, so the goal is information sharing about the options. There are many options out there but at the end of this you will have more knowledge so you can investigate the options and make your own informed decisions. Options Covered – (there is more…) This is NOT a how to on any of the topics. It is information about the topic, things to consider, URL’s to find additional information, etc.

Your Own Web Site – Shopify – Amazon Store – EBay Store and/or Auctions – Etsy – Stock Image Warehouse – License Manufacture Options – Subscription Options

Artist Trust presents: Networking and Elevator Speeches
Tuesday, June 16, 2020, 6-8pm

The elevator speech is often used in the business world. It’s based on the idea that you only have the time it takes to get from the top to bottom floor of a building to introduce yourself and your work. In this workshop, presented by program manager, Lydia Boss, you’ll develop your elevator speech, practice telling your story, and learn effective networking techniques to build on the connections you make in the arts community. By the end of the workshop, you’ll be more comfortable talking about yourself and your work and be prepared for your next networking opportunity.

Rachel Simpson presents Marketing Basics for Professional Artist
Thursday, September 17, 4-6pm 

Learn the basics to get you started on marketing your art in a path that’s towards your individual goals as a professional artist.

Artist Trust presents: How to Apply for an Artist Grant
Thursday, October 8, 6-7:30pm

This seminar, led by Artist Trust Program Manager, Lydia Boss, provides an overview of applying for artist grants. You’ll learn about funding opportunities available for you and your projects, how the grantmaking process works, and tips to make your next application stand out.

**CANCELLED** We do plan on rescheduling this workshop for a later date, stay tuned! Louise Magno presents Art Festival Booth Set Up Tips
Thursday, February 27, 4-6pm

Hi! My name is Louise Magno and my studio is named Natural Moments Studio, LLC. I am a photographer, graphic artist and painter. I have setup show booths for over 15 years now and have learned a few things along the way. As artists we are a work in progress. When you do a show, you need to decide what you want to communicate to the public, what you want to sell, and then put it together in an effective way. When you walk into a store, they have cleverly placed different items in specific places to increase sales, prevent theft, communicate messages, and encourage you to stay as long as possible spending money! The goal of having a booth is to put your work out there for sale, market yourself, connect with the public and make sales!

I am a photographer, graphic artist and sometimes I paint. So, my goals from one show to the next could be very different based on what I want to show/sell. AND my approach to setting up my booth will be different than a jewelry artist, textile artist, gourmet food artist, etc. There are some basic things to setting up a successful booth that apply to all mediums and some that are unique to a given medium. The goal of this class will be to cover both areas of booth design; basic and unique considerations, marketing and making sales. Under the basic section we will cover show basics and terminology for those who are brand new to doing shows to level set all in the class. The audience for this class is for those new to shows to the seasoned professional artist looking for a new idea or tip! Topics Covered – (there is more…) This is NOT a how to on any of the topics. It is information about the topic, things to consider, URL’s to find additional information, etc. Tents – Lighting – Central Cashier VS. Vendor Manned Booths – Theft Prevention – Marketing in your Booth – Tables, Cloths, Furniture – Advertising in your Booth – Show Fees – Display Options – Full Product Access in your Booth – Safety in your Booth – Pricing (How to display your prices to encourage sales) – Floor Coverings

**CANCELLED** We do plan on rescheduling this workshop for a later date, stay tuned! Tore Ofteness Presents Flashback! Revisiting a Turbulent Time
Friday, March 13, 6:30 – 8pm

It has been said that anyone who remembers the 1960s wasn’t there. I was there and I had a camera, or two. It was a turbulent time. A new generation was coming of age and there was war going on that nobody in power could justify. There was also the advent of “The Pill,” Marijuana and LSD. I was in the US Army from 1963 until 1966, missing the formative period, but embracing the changes when I was a civilian again. I took up photography as a hobby while in the army and decided to pursue a career in that field. Having an interest in history, I just started documenting what was happening around me. These images are mostly from 1966 to 1975, when the Vietnam War and the draft ended. I hope you will enjoy the flashback! (This slide show of photographs does contain artistic nudity.)

**CANCELLED** We do plan on rescheduling this workshop for a later date, stay tuned! Rachel Simpson presents How to Begin as a Teaching Artist
Thursday, March 26, 4-6pm

Learn the first steps of what it means to be an artist, who chooses to include artfully educating others, beyond teaching the technique of the art form, as an active part of a career.

**CANCELLED** We do plan on rescheduling this workshop for a later date, stay tuned! Artist Trust presents: Writing your Artist Biography and Artist Resume
Thursday, April 16, 2020, 6-7:30pm

Artist biographies and résumés are hard to write, but they’re important tools for artists working in any discipline. In this workshop, led by Artist Trust Program Manager Lydia Boss, you’ll learn the basics of writing successful artist biography and resumes, and start to create your own. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have the start of a resume and biography to use for grant, residency, or fellowship applications, on your website, and/or in your portfolio. Sign up for this session on the Artist Trust website.

**CANCELLED** We do plan on rescheduling this workshop for a later date, stay tuned! Deb McCunn presents Social Media Strategies to Find Your Audience
Tuesday, April 28 6-8pm

Deb will share tips on finding your audience through social media, how to maximize your use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Business and Yelp and why it matter. Pros and Cons of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp and Google Pages – Importance of photography – Use of text overlay – Use of “boosting” posts – Best times to post to maximize exposure

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