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Business Art Skill Share Sessions

Business Art Skill Share is a series of arts related workshops, classes, and presentations focused on providing aspiring and low income artists with knowledge, skills, and opportunities. Established artists and art administrators will teach participants how to market their art, use social media for promotion, find funding, create portfolios, frame pieces, set up gallery exhibits, and more. The goal is to give participants the opportunity to take what they’ve learned and exhibit their work through our Creative Spaces Program after taking classes. (Click here for more information about Creative Spaces).

List of Upcoming Classes and Presentations

Composition Class with Tommy Gibson
Saturday February 17, 1pm (class will be approximately 2 hours)
At the Allied Arts Gallery, 1418 Cornwall Ave, Downtown Bellingham
Class Fee: $60

One of the first composition concepts learned in photography is the rule-of-thirds. This gets you started, but there’s more to composition than where you place your subject in the frame. Once you’ve mastered this concept, what else can you do to make images that stand out?

That is exactly what we’ll be exploring in this class – ways you can “see” a good photograph.

You will learn what constitutes a good photograph, which lenses to choose in which situation, and what aperture or shutter speed to use.

In this class I will be sharing examples of compositional techniques. If you’d like your images critiqued, bring them on a thumb drive so we can project them.

Artist Biographies & Résumés with Katy Hannigan
Saturday May 12, 1 – 3pm
At the Allied Arts Gallery, 1418 Cornwall Ave, Downtown Bellingham
Class Fee: FREE

Artist biographies and résumés are hard to write, but they’re important tools for artists working in any discipline. In this workshop, led by Artist Trust Program Manager Katy Hannigan, you’ll learn the difference between artist biographies and résumés, the basics of writing both, and how to create your own. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have the start of a résumé and biography to use for grant, residency, or fellowship applications, on your website, and/or in your portfolio.

– The different uses of biographies and résumés
– What, and what not, to include in a biography
– How to explain your work and creative aspirations in writing
– Which résumé categories and sections to include and why
– What gallerists, curators, programmers, and funders look for first in your bio, CV, and/or résumé
– How to frame your non-art expertise and skills as an asset to your art practice

– Strong artist biography to use for presenting your work
– Sample artist biographies, résumés, and CVs to use as references for revising your own
– Ideas and next steps for how to revise your own résumé or CV

This workshop is presented in partnership with Artist Trust.

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