Our artists are getting out and about!

Here are some Allied Arts Exhibits happening around Whatcom County

 John D’Onofrio at the Hotel Bellwether – May and June, 2013

My background as a painter has informed my work in photography by creating a freedom to concentrate on form, texture and color, independent of more typically representational approaches. For me the balance and creative tension of a photograph is no different than that of a painting; they are both ways to express a vision of the world that makes sense to me. Recognizing that we are wired to perceive new images in the context of previously seen similar images, I strive to avoid this direct comparison and instead to offer compositions that exist outside of the familiar. Often this entails deliberately obscuring elements like scale and perspective (such as foreground /background distinctions). While I enjoy the epic landscapes of many contemporary photographers, my esthetic aims are more directed towards the small details and “natural abstractions” of the natural world. I take it as a good sign when observers are uncertain as to what the subject of a photograph is. This uncertainty creates an interactive aspect (again, borrowed from painting) wherein the observer is compelled to use their imagination and thus becomes an active participant in the work.