Frequently Asked Questions

This year’s Holiday Festival is shaping up to look a little different then in year’s past, and we’re doing our best to just go with it and move forward as best we can (or as best as we’re allowed). We’ve gotten a few questions about what the festival might look like this year, so we thought we’d take a moment to let you all in on our plans.

Q1. Will there be a festival?

We don’t know. If we are allowed to, we will have it with most cautions, using recommendations from the Whatcom Health Department regarding social distancing and sanitation. We will have an online store regardless of the situation to augment the festival.

Q2. What safety precautions will you take?

These are the precautions we are taking currently in the gallery and will take at the holiday festival if required (with modifications to fit the festival), based on mandates and guidance issued State and City officials:

  • Require facial coverage in gallery and thrift store
  • Enforce six-foot social distancing between visitors and staff
  • Plexi screens are placed between staff and visitors
  • Limit visitor capacity to 3 for gallery and 1 for thrift store
  • Keep new donations in “quarantine” for 2 days before allowing visitors to touch
  • Have hand sanitizer available for visitors at entrance of gallery
  • Frequent sanitation of countertops, pens, door handles, and shared office equipment
  • Ask visitors to stay home if they are experiencing or have had contact with someone experiencing elevated temperatures, coughing, or other COVID symptoms
  • Offer curbside pick-up and drop off of artwork/art supplies

For an example of what this might look like, please look at the Bellingham Farmers Market for their response to COVID-19 at

Q3. What will the online store look like?

We are working with D’Onofrio Creative to create an online version of the Holiday Festival. Essentially, vendors will log on and set up a selection of items in the shop (tutorials provided!), customers will order online, orders will be filled by volunteers from vendor booth stock, and customers will be able to pick up their items curbside at the festival. We will not be shipping items. If we can have a physical festival, the online store will be in addition to it. If we have to cancel the physical festival, it will be held in place of the festival and stock will be stored at the Allied Arts Gallery.

We will be adding to this list of protocols, guidelines and offerings as we get closer and have a better idea of how the pandemic will impact us this year. Stay tuned!

Holiday Festival Security Shift Requirements

Each vendor is required to complete three (3) 3-hour shifts for a total of 9 hours. Shifts are to be worked during the festival, but a few openings will be available to help with setup or takedown. To ensure accuracy of transactions, vendors will not be able to complete their shifts as cashiers.

1. You may make arrangements for a representative to complete your security shifts but you will be held responsible for their compliance with all the requirements listed here and their performance. If your representative fails to complete any portion of this agreement, your commission and/or future participation may be affected.
2. You or your representative must contact the Festival Director at or (360)676-8548 ex. 2, 24 hours in advance if a security shift needs to be rescheduled.
3. All participants must arrive 5 minutes before their shift is scheduled to start. Arriving more than 15 minutes late will require that additional time is worked on another shift.
4. All participants will remain alert and in their assigned area. It is important that all areas are covered adequately. Congregating, sitting, cell phone use, eating or reading is not allowed during security shifts. Breaks are allowed upon approval of the floor manager.
5. Please do not eat food vendor samples, those are for patrons.
6. We ask that participants not bring their children to their security shift. Exceptions can be made for nursing mothers.
7. Participants are responsible for checking displays and restocking booths as necessary.
8. Participants are responsible for greeting customers and making them aware that you are available to assist them. This is an important part of creating a secure environment.
9. Bored? We will have a checklist of daily chores to be done, ask for it at the sales desk. Some of the security shift responsibilities will include:

  • Making baskets available to shoppers as necessary and assisting in taking small items to the check stand to help lessen the opportunity for shop-lifting.
  • Asking shoppers with backpacks or bags to check them at the front registers.
  • Observing behaviors and making the floor manager aware of any suspicious activities
  • Transferring all jewelry from locked cases to front registers for purchase.

A sign-up sheet for security shifts will be available online at by Thursday, October 1st. Please schedule your shifts as much in advance as possible to ensure that Allied Arts can determine security shift needs.

If you or your representative fails to meet the responsibilities listed above or complete the required number of shifts prior to the end of the Festival, your participation in future Allied Arts events may be affected and/or a commission of 50% may be taken.

Have you paid your booth fee?

If you have paid: Our incredible summer intern Alysa has emailed your tags to you.

If you think you have paid, but have not received tags: Please email Katy,, and we’ll get things sorted out!

If you haven’t paid yet and still want to be in the festival: We understand the pandemic may have messed with people’s finances and we are able to work with you. To keep the ball rolling, please fill out the booth payment form here (you do not have to pay to submit the form) and email Katy,, to discuss booth payment options. (You may also receive a reminder email from Katy)

If you don’t want to be in the festival: Just say so and we’ll stop bugging you!

Example Booth Setup


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