Painting • Coast Salish Art  AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2022 – MARCH 2023

Bio: Jason LaClair

Coast Salish Artist Jason LaClair was born in June of 1983 to Karen (Cook) James of the
Nooksahk Tribe, and Wilbert Paul LaClair of the Lummi Nation. Jason’s Grandma and Grandpa
are John and Harriet (Sparrow) Cook on his Mom’s side. And also Helen (Lane) and Cyril Smokey
LaClair of Lummi. Jason is a proud descendant of his ancestors from numerous Coast Salish
Nations, which includes…. Lummi, Nooksahk and Skokomish in the U.S., as well as Leqamel and
Musqueam in B.C.

Jason grew up around many master carvers and Coast Salish Artists and was inspired to start
learning at the young age of 9 years old, but it wasn’t until the age of 14 that Jason really started
exploring Art forms of the North (Formline)… Learning from looking at books and other People’s
designs. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago when Jason decided to learn and practice the Designs
of His Coast Salish Ancestors/People, and Mr. LaClair said that this transformation was out of
necessity to represent his People in the True style of this Beautiful Coast Salish Territory.
LaClair states that it was through the Support of his Family, and the People of Nooksahk and
Lummi…. That he has been able to succeed and live the best life possible… Creating Murals and
Teaching Coast Salish Art as His Career.

Jason’s most recent works include the ” Salmon Run” Mural of 2021 in Bellingham, “One from
the Heart” Mural of 2021 at Pioneer Park in Ferndale WA, the “Generations” Mural at WIHS of
2022 in Bellingham WA & also the “Salmon Egg” Mural at Happy Valley Elementary School of
2022in Bellingham WA…. And also Original Coast Salish Designs/Motif for the San Juan
Historical Park.

Jason gives thanks to all whom have been a part of his Journey through Life and Art!

Lesson Plan

Coast Salish Artwork

Jason works with students to design their own artwork based on traditional Coast Salish styles. Using a series of shapes and colors, students will combine the principles taught by Jason to create animals and symbols such as Orcas, Eagles, and Salmon.