April 3rd & 4th 2015

With sustainability and recycling being the heart and foundation of Bellingham, the second annual Recycled Art and Resource Expo (RARE) is finally here. RARE is a two-day festival that celebrates creative reuse in the arts and other industries. The event will take place on April 3rd & 4th around downtown Bellingham.

No Jury Fees!
Applications Due Thursday, March 5, 2015 by 5pm

Each spring Bellingham is home to a half dozen creative reuse events- Welding Rodeo, Trash Fashion, Recycled Art Shows, Procession of the Species and more! The 4th annual two-day event serves as a unifying resource that provides a platform for the many green themed artistic endeavors in the area. In addition to a highly entertaining roster of events, RARE hosts a strong program of educational workshops, speakers, panel discussions and exhibits. Attendees are inspired to take home innovative ideas that recognize the value of using resources creatively – forging new avenues for reuse in other industries. We invite artists, businesses and organizations that focus on our environment and sustainability with a passion for recycled art to become a part of RARE.

Partners of RARE have included Bellingham Arts Commission, Appliance Depot, Pickford Film Center, The Spark Museum, Whatcom Lightcatcher Museum, Whatcom Tourism, and more. We encourage applicants to become members of nonprofits like these that support the arts in our community. Allied Arts Membership is not required to apply for participation in RARE, but very appreciated. To become a member go to www.alliedarts.org/store.

Definition of recycled
For the purpose of RARE, we define recycled art as consisting of at least 75% materials that would otherwise have been thrown away if not for their creative use in art.
The following are descriptions and expectations for each type of opportunity within the expo. If you have any questions please email kelly@alliedarts.org

A. Artist, Business and Non-Profit Table
$50: 3’ x 6’ table in the Allied Arts Gallery for April (non-profit booths are $35 )
Artist, Business and Non-Profit tables will be a part of the Allied Arts exhibit where local artisans who create recycled art, businesses working in sustainable materials and products, and local non-profits can interact with the community and sell their wares. Artists must handcraft all merchandise, no exceptions.
Special requirements
Artist booth applicants must attach a long (25 word) description of the work they will be selling and what the items are made of to be used in publicity. Applicants must also provide at least 4 images (digital on a CD or printed hardcopy) of their work to be reviewed by a jury committee.

B. Artist Exhibitors
There are two options for exhibiting artwork: (40% commission taken on sales for both options)
You can jury to be a part of the ReArt Show held at the Allied Arts Gallery downtown, April 4th 28th. Artists may submit up to three pieces for consideration to be included in the exhibit. Participation is open to all current Allied Arts Members at any level of membership. Artists may sign up for membership when they submit their application.

Artists interested in solo exhibits displaying their work in a setting such as a store front window, or other exhibit space during the expo may apply with this application. Applications are open to artists wishing to exhibit multiple or single works and installations. Exhibitors are not required to be present during exhibit hours but are required to assist in set up and take down of the exhibit space. Artists must handcraft all merchandise, no exceptions.

Special requirements
Artist exhibitor applicants must attach a long (100 word) and short (25 word) description of the work they plan to show and what the pieces are made of. Applicants must also provide at least 4 digital images (digital or hardcopy) of their work and accompanying image list to be reviewed by a jury.

C. Workshop Facilitators
Workshops can teach anything from “how to market your green art”, to kids recycled art, to salvage garden art and more! Workshop facilitators must provide all of their own art materials. Workshop holders may charge a fee for their class, with commission taken by Allied Arts of Whatcom County.

Special requirements
Please attach a description of your workshop idea to this application. Please limit the description to one page and include photos to help give the jury a better understanding of what you will be
teaching during the workshop. Answer questions like, what is the final product going to be? Will each person in the class be making something to take home? What are your learning objectives? The
locations of the workshops are TBD and the information you provide will help us select the most
suitable venue.

D. Speakers
The role of speakers at RARE is to communicate the importance of recycled art. Speakers can
include artists, sustainability experts, conservation activists etc. Topics can be broad but must have an emphasis on green themed artistic endeavors.

Special requirements
Please attach a description of what your speech will be about and a resume of prior speaking

E. Performances
Live performances at Alied Arts Gallery April 3rd and 4th. We are looking for music and performing arts that fit the RARE theme, for example but not limited to a, “Stomp- like” musical theater performance (music made with garbage cans or other salvage materials), a musical performance powered by alternative energy, or even a recycled fashion show. The performing arts are often overlooked as recycled art and RARE is unique in that we want to be one of the first celebrations of recycled art to bring the performing arts to life.

Special requirements
Please attach a description of your proposed performance. You may also send us a audio/video
recording of your performance. Include any facility requirements in your description. Performance locations are TBD and the information you provide will help us select the best venue. Please be aware that this a rain or shine event.


If you are interested in participating in one of the above categories, please Click the Apply Here button in the upper right of the page or print and return the PDF document here: 2015 RARE application form. When using the online form please specify in the description box which option you would like to participate in (example: artist exhibitor, workshop facilitator etc.).