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Business Art Skill Share Sessions

Business Art Skill Share is a series of arts related workshops, classes, and presentations focused on providing aspiring and low income artists with knowledge, skills, and opportunities. Established artists and art administrators will teach participants how to market their art, use social media for promotion, find funding, create portfolios, frame pieces, set up gallery exhibits, and more. The goal is to give participants the opportunity to take what they’ve learned and exhibit their work through our Creative Spaces Program after taking classes. (Click here for more information about Creative Spaces).


List of Upcoming Classes and Presentations

All sessions listed below are free and open to all community members!

November 4 at 12 pm, Bellingham Public Library Central Location – Networking for Arts Entrepreneurs Workshop with Alleson Buchanan. This workshop will give you tools to help reach your artistic goals by using your network and collaborations. Networking is a powerful tool for developing reciprocal relationships, not a self-serving way to get ahead. This workshop will help you get to know your existing network, and find ways to strengthen it strategically. To do this, we will learn about networking theories, discuss specific goals you may have, and develop your personal plan with the help of Connect My Dots™, a network mapping tool.

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If you are part of a local social organization that would like to arrange to have a private session for your patrons at your location, please click here.

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Artists and art administrators who are interested in being a part of Business Art Skill Share by teaching can click here to submit their class, workshop, and presentation ideas.

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Thank you for your interest in teaching and making a difference in the local arts community!


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